God Loves Me easy paper airplane

God Loves Me easy paper airplane

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Easiest to make paper airplane that flies well.

God Loves Me easy paper airplane

Very simple, easy to make and easy to fly. No fuss, no fancy folding.

Share the message of God's Love.

Have flight contests! This little airplane flies like a dream....the secret is the right size paperclip.

John 15: 9-10

Summer Complete Grades: Preschool 4 through 7th grade

Be sure to supervise flying the planes.

Copy of the airplane pattern for each student

A 2 inch plastic coated paperclip for each airplane.(Possibly 2 small clips may work, but that has not been tested yet.


Teacher: Copy or print on medium weight paper, though any weight paper may do.

Wings will flop and it won't fly if thin paper is used.





Complete instructions on the airplane pattern.

Hint A 2" plastic coated paperclip seems to work the best. - Move the paperclip closer or farther from the nose and see if it flies differently!

Put your name under the wing.