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Sunday School Teacher Support
What all Sunday School Teachers need to know about glittering with kids

Kids: How to use glitter and how to apply glitter

Years of preparing and providing for hundreds of teachers has given me the foresight to furnish each Sunday School teacher with a supply toolkit and information useful to ease or enhance the job of teaching. This page is about using glitter.

1. What new teachers need to know about the glitter pan or glitter box.

Pan or box because it can be a pie tin, a cake tin, very large shoebox or any other solid bottom pan or box. Ideally, it ought to be as large as an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, but that isn't always easy to come by. So the option here is folded newspaper - glitter newspaper! The king of all glitter boxes is a 9x13inch plastic bin - its about 3 inches deep and usually comes with a lid. It is found in the grocery store with storage stuff.

The object is to hold a glued object or paper over or on the pan, box or newspaper and sprinkle the glitter on the object or paper to be glittered. You then pick up theglittered object or paper letting the glitter fall into the pan, box or on the newspaper instead of all over the table top. You can then pick up and pour unused glitter back into the container or into a new container for use again.

2. Puttin' on the glue!

The best way to put glue on an object for glittering, is to use a q-tip or brand x cotton swab.

Squeeze some glue onto a paper or foam plate or similar disposable surface and give each child a q-tip. The student can "Paint" the glue onto a surface to be glittered with much more control using the swab than squeezing glue from a bottle.

Put either newspaper (ink could be an issue) or grocery bags inside-out on the table or desk to protect the surface from glue. Put your object or paper on the bag or newspaper for gluing.

If you have leftover clean glue, you can bend the paper plate so you can pour the leftover glue back into the container. If it is all messed up, you can throw it all away.

3. Always have a damp paper towel on hand for any glitter project.

Glittering Photos below in Teacher information

Glitter box

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box, pie tin, or newspaper
checkbox White glue
checkbox Paper plate, foam plate or more newspaper
checkbox Damp napkin or paper towel

Glue stick is not so good with glitter.


pans and boxes

Get a pan or box. The 9x13 clear plastic box is great!

all you need

Here's everything you need for glittering - except the thing you will be applying the glitter on.

apply glue

Apply glue using a Q-tip.


Put the thing in the pan or hold it over the pan or box
to sprinkle on the glitter.


That's how to avoid the mess glitter can make!