Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

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Easy to make frog for Moses and the 10 Plagues of Egypt

10 plagues easy  frog craft

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

About a plague of frogs
One frog could be a great pet.
A thousand frogs in your house would be pesky.
Frogs on the floor,
frogs in your bed,
frogs in your bath,
frogs on your table!

So many frogs you could not get away from them. Be careful! Don't sit on one.

How about a frog jumping onto your dinner plate?

How do you think the pharoah's people felt about the frogs?

How do you think the pharoah's people felt about the pharoah?


It would be great- and quicker - if you could print the frogs on green colored paper, but printing on white paper is just as it allows you to color the frog any color you like. Frogs come in browns and greens and blues and yellows so just about anything will do

Grades: (older) k to grade 4

Moses and the pharoah. Moses and the plagues of Egypt.


Moses and the Plagues of Egypt Exodus 7-11

The plague of frogs text is at the bottom of this page.


Material Checklist
Copies activity Page for each student*

* Print on green or white paper

Most of the cutting is quite easy. Follow the instructions around the fingers and toes so it does not rip.

- Choose which frog version you will making. Pointed toe frog is a tad easier cutting.

- Print on the heaviest paper possible. Print on green paper if you have it.

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