Flying, Praying Wood Angel

Flying, Praying Wood Angel

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Flying, Praying Wood Angel Ornament

This is a reminder about the angels in the Christmas story.

Easy when you follow the cutting instructions. - Remember to show the class how to cut as shown below before they go ahead.


Advent and/or Christmas

Copy of the page for each student

Crayons or colored pencils would work best to show the "Wood grain" but light color markers are ok too. Offer only light color markers - put the darak colors aside.

Glue - tacky glue or white glue
check Yarn or string - 8 to 10 inches per child
check Optional: Glitter

Glittering the wings would add sparkle.
Use Q-tips with white glue.




Talk about angels in the Christmas story. Do you remember the angel giving Mary the surprising message? What did the angel say?

Luke 1:26-38

Do you remember the shepherd's surprise at hearing the angels' message?What did the angels say?

The angels say this in Luke: 2:14 (KJV)
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth PEACE, good will toward men.

Talk about the angels while you color.

pattern color
1. Get an angel for each student. 2. Color the angel. Or not color it- Just color the face, feet and hands and hair. . OR color any parts that you want the same on both sides.
cutout loop1
3. Cutout the angel as one piece following the instruction on the sheet. Fold temporarily on the special fold line. 4. Get the string or yarn and matach the ends.
loop2 done
5. Tie the loop 6. The done loop
7. Unfold. Tape the unknotted end of theloop inside the wing about where the x is shown on the outside of the wing. Glue dot the yarn between the tape and the edge of the wing.
dots of glue
8. Add glue dots on one hand, one side of the head, one wing tip and one foot. REFOLD on the line. Match the head, wing, the hands, and feet and press the glue dots together. Wipe off excess. Hold for a moment if the glue is runny. recheck often to be sure it does not separate.

all done