Flying Dove

Flying Dove

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Kid's easy to make flying dove can be used as Christmas ornament or for the dove of Jesus' baptism, as a sign of peace, the dove symbol of the spirit, Noah's story, and the Psalms

Teachers Guide for completing the dove

Flying Dove

The multi-purpose flying dove is a nice size for a
Dove Christmas ornament
Dove at Jesus' baptism
Dove of the sign of peace - peace on earth
Dove as the symbol of the spirit
Dove after the flood (Noah's story)

Quite easy yet good looking.

(RSV) Gen 8:8-11, Psalm 55:6, Mat 3:16, Mar 1:10, Luk 3:22


Sunday School Craft

Copies of the activity page for each student

Markers or crayons
Glue (white glue would be better than glue sticks)
Clear Tape
String or yarn

Follow these instructions and it will be VERY EASY.

1 Hold the paper up to the light to see the dot and dash line through the paper. Try to lightly draw a line on the backside (where the line should be on this side). Get a friend to help hold the paper up. (Good teamwork part of the project)

2 Cut the paper along the v line that will separate the body from the other parts.

Cut out the shapes on the heavy solid OUTLINES. Cut the wing straight without the triangle notch at first.

3 Then cut the v notch
in each wing.


4 Put on clear tape, then punch hole.

5. Color the leaf piece on both sides (Gold or green)

6.Fold the wing flaps as shown. One goes up and one goes down. The one that goes down is marked, the other flap goes up. This will stabilize the wing.


7 Look at the wings. Look at the dove from above to see which wing goes on which side of the dove.

Glue on the first wing aligning the folds on the printed dot-with-dashes-line.

8 Prepare the second wing.

Be sure you look at the dove to see which way the wing goes

(you're just looking)

9 If you successfully did step 1 and have a light line on the backside (unprinted side), fold the first wing UP and lay it on the table. Glue on the second wing. GLUE ALL THE WAY TO THE FOLD

If this is done, skip instruction 10.

10 If you did not draw a light line on the backside of the paper, here is what to do to glue on the second wing. It's called eyeballing it!

Looking over the top of the dove, try to get the wings in about the same place on the blank side of the dove.

Right handed people might hold the dove in their left hand with the head towards their palm. Look down over the body and with the right hand align and stick on the second wing.

Be sure you look at the dove to see which way the wing goes.

11 White glue may be better than a glue stick as it allows a little movement.



12. Cut about 10 inches of string or yarn. Put one end through the hole and tie off making a large loop.