Fan Palm - like the real thing

Fan Palm - like the real thing

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Palm Sunday : Children's Bible Lesson Support for welcoming Jesus as king!

A personal fan palm for each child

Fan Palm - like the real thing

Print this page and show your group this picture!


Palm Sunday Palm branch!

Jesus is king. The palm branch was used as a sign of honor.

There are many kinds of palm trees and this one is both easy and interesting. Simply looks just like a real fan palm!

When dry, a very manageable palm to wave and shout Hosanna!

Grades: K, 1-5 Cutting and folding skills needed

Palm Sunday Craft, Palm Sunday activity

Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19

Only special material:
Craft Sticks

Copy of preferred activity page for each student
Glue -white glue
Markers or crayons
1 Craft stick per each child

Print enough copies. Make a sample before class.

How to make the fan palm

1. Color if the uncolored one is chosen or go directly to #2 if you have chosen and printed the already colored fan palm. If coloring, remind the children they need to see the dashed lines on the palm branch when they are done coloring, so discourage use of dark colors.

2. Cut out on the solid line - teacher show the class what this means and for younger children, have them trace the solid line with their finger before cutting as it sets it in their mind better.

1 3

3 Fold on ALL the long black dashed lines now from outside tips to center dot.

4 5

4 Pinch together/fold on each short green dashed line from the back. If you put any 2 adjacaent black dashed lines together, the short dashed green line should "Fall" between them making it easy to pinch/fold from the backside. If you have kids who are in a hurry, just make sure they have folded well ON THE BLACK DASHED LINES and skip this step.

5. Close up the fanfolds and press to crease all the folds.


6. Open/spread the fan palm as shown. Glue a craft stick to the back (Blank side) of the fan palm. Use a good glob of white glue as the stick will only contact some of the folds.

Let dry face down.

7. You may find it wise to tape the stick to the paper until the glue dries!