Family Christmas Greeting

Family Christmas Greeting

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Family Christmas Greeting

family christmas greeting-angels on window



This craft fits every family size


Share your family's joy and the message of Christmas in your house or to the neighborhood.

Hang the family greeting in your house or facing out a window!

No matter how big or small a family is, this will work!

This Christmas craft brings in the whole family

The hanger collar looks like it drapes over the hanger, but it only looks that way! It tricks your eye. Just match up the front and back carefully.

family christmas greeting-candlesfamily christmas greeting-angels on door


ART NOTE: Some movable sculpture is known as a mobile. Maybe you have seen one hanging in a building lobby or on a stand or in an art museum.

This craft is art as a Stabile: A stabile is one kind of stationary abstract sculpture, developed by the 20th-century American artist Alexander Calder. It usually hangs or is held up on a stand or hook, but does not move! (stabe -eel)

Luke 2:14, John 9:5

grades 1-5

Sunday School Kids Christmas Craft

Special material needed: one hanger for each student.

Copies of front and back collar and family symbols for for each student

Markers or crayons
Glue (white glue would be better than glue sticks)
Clear Tape
One hanger for each student - either plastic or metal

Follow these instructions and it will be VERY EASY.

making your greeting collar

The collar may fit different hanger styles a little differently - that's ok!

Now make your family Symbols - Stars- Candles or Angels

# 14 note - Please fold the tabs before placing under the hanger and then re-open. It is easier this way.

making your family symbols

Give the class ideas to tell mom where it could go, or print the page about it as a take home sheet to accompany the Family Christmas Greeting

How to use your Christmas greeting