Executive Nameplate

Executive Nameplate

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Sunday School Teacher Information and Instructions

Executive Nameplate

Sunday School Classroom

2 thru 8

Help learn the names of the students without using name tags

Copies of the Activity Page 1 for each child +1
Glue or tape
Markers or crayons

Copy the Activity page - One for each student and teacher.
Choose either the fish decorated nameplate or a blank one - which can be decorated any way you like, or not decorated at all.

1. Cut out the rectangle
2. With a dark colored marker, print your first name in capitol letters between the dotted lines in the name panel - making the letters reach the dotted lines on the top and bottom
3. Decorate the name panel
4. Fold on all 3 fold lines.
5. Glue method: glue where shown on hidden panel and fold and press the panel from the other end of the paper over it.
5b Tape Method alternative: Put a piece of tape at each end where the hidden glue panel underlaps the panel from the other end of the paper.
6. Turn your nameplate towards the teacher.

4. Loosely folded

5. The hidden panel is marked on the activity page


Leave nameplates on the desk or table facing the teacher