Evergreen Cross - Christmas Cross Craft Base

Evergreen Cross - Christmas Cross Craft Base

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Christmas Cross - an alternative to decorating a tree or wreath!

Green Easter cross as a symbol for life

Evergreen Cross - Christmas Cross Craft Base

Ready to decorate




Craft Base for our Jesus Symbols and Signs, or our Christmas Symbol Ornaments, or your own stickers or stuff! (get these from our Christmas Menu)

The cross of many uses:

You can make it a unique Christmas Cross.

You can make it and Easter Cross with our Jesus symbols and signs.

You can make it a Chrismons Cross, using our Chrismon patterns and shrinking them on a copier. They are to be decorated in gold and white only. See Chrismons Kit.

This is a really unusual alternative instead of a Christmas wreath or tree. Though the empty cross is most often thought of at Easter, it is a symbol of the resurrection, the promise of the one who is born on Christmas. Decorating it with symbols of Jesus birth, life and/or ministry makes it all inclusive in reminding us of all the Christ child will be to us.

PRINT on color printer. Be sure your printing margins are set at .5 (1/2 inch)

EXAMPLE: Cross decorated with
our Jesus Symbols and Signs


Grades - Can be used at an level, however understanding the relationship of the cross to Christmas may be better understood by older children.

Kid's Christmas Craft: Symbols for Jesus, Easter craft