Carve a Pumpkin Etch a Pumpkin

Carve a Pumpkin Etch a Pumpkin

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Halloween alternative to Etch or Carve a Pumpkin with a Christian Theme. Turnaround the idea of pumpkins just for Halloween.

2 Complete sets of Parent or Teacher instructions and pumpkin carving patterns:
Part I Cleaning and Preparing your Pumpkin
Part II, Decorating, etching or carving your pumpkin.

Etch or Carve a Pumpkin

Plan Ahead

Learn how to clean the goop out of a pumpkin
Learn the difference between Carving a pumpkin and etching a pumpkin.

Turnaround the idea of pumpkins just for Halloween. Pumpkins celebrate Harvest time - a gift from God.

Use traditional Christian symbols - the cross, the fish, and the butterfly to decorate your pumpkin.

I recommend parental guidance for all pumpkin carving or etching and the cleaning process. And this is a good thing as it becomes a family project.

Tidbits: Master pumpkin Growers in October 2011 issue of Smithsonian magazine show a pumpkin weighing 1600+ lbs. The pumpkin grower wrapped it with wet paper towels and cellophane to keep it from drying out. Also taped a bag of water over the fresh-cut stem. Seems like all giant pumpkins lay on their sides! If your whole class stood together, would you all weigh that much?

Exodus 23:16, Exodus 34:21-22, Isaiah 9:3 and others

Grade 3 to adult (adult supervision for all children advised)

Autumn Harvest Craft, Halloween, Thanksgiving Craft

Materials lists are included in both the downloadable PDFs

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Teacher or Parent

Get your pumpkin.

Choose your pattern. Print your pattern

Get Part I Cleaning and Preparing Your Pumpkin

Get Part II Decorating Carving and Etching your Pumpkin

Get the tools you will need shown in the downloads and at left

Complete instructions and materials lists are in the downloads.


Get these complete instructions in the document Part I : Preparing and Cleaning out your Pumpkin


Get these instructions in the document Part II: Decorating, Carving & Etching your Pumpkin  

Optional Painting

Most Complex

Easy, Fast no detail