Entwined Heart

Entwined Heart

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A different kind of heart about God's Love or earthly love.

Entwined Heart

Lots of possibilities for coloring

3 versions

God Loves Never ends. On the heart with this text you can follow the message path continuously. Never beginning nor ending - though sometimes unseen (sometimes not obvious to us.).

You can use the plain ones to write you own message of God's Love or for love at Valentines Day.

Coloring the paths is a challange!

These hearts are similar to Celtic Knots - ancient patterns that have no beginning nor end. They were used in decoration, in weaving and even in crosses. Many Celts, like many Jews and other people became Christians over time. Celtic art has very good examples for understanding God and the Trinity. The Triquetra -as a Celtic knot- is a great example for theTrinity. Three shapes are really one continuous shape representing God the father, son and spirit. Though these are not specifically Celtic Knot Hearts, they are not your ordinary heart!

Get our Triquetra page to show your class!

Grades: 3 through 8

God's Love, People love


God's Love - Romans 8:39

Love One Another - Romans 12:10, Romans 13:8, 1Th 3:12, John 13:34 and John 15:17

Copies activity Page for each student
Pens, pencils, or markers


This activity can be used as a coloring page for Valentine's Day or anytime as a lesson in God's Love.

Use the Bible references and talk about God and Love. One of Jesus main messages was "love".

Use the printed message heart, or create your own message on either of the other 2 hearts.

The coloring possibilities are almost endless!

On the heart with the pre-printed message, follow the 2 entwined circles to see they have no end nor beginning.

If you have extra time, cut out the heart on the outside heavy line only.