Easy to make, beautiful all paper Easter Lily (Easter Lilly)

Easy to make, beautiful all paper Easter Lily (Easter Lilly)

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Kid's Easter Sunday lesson: the lily helps children understand the resurrection

A lily for each child


Easy to make, beautiful all paper Easter Lily (Easter Lilly)



Whether you call this Sunday Easter or Resurrection Sunday, both celebrate that "He is Risen." He is risen indeed!

There are many significances of the lilly relating to Jesus you can discuss while making your lily. Or talk about point 2 as you distribute the materials and then read the resurrection story of the empty tomb while they make the lily.

1. The white Easter lily is thought of as pure - sinless like Jesus.
2. The lily bursts into bloom in the spring. In many places in the world it is a "Perennial" meaning it looks like it has died-off in the ground in the fall (autumn) , but comes back to life again in the spring to bloom again. This is something like the resurrection Jesus promises to us and what happened to him.
3. The lily is one of the flowers Jesus talked about - and how beautiful are the Lilies of the field.

Hardly any coloring in this project. Mostly cut, glue and put together.

Aside: There is also a Lycoris squamigera known as Resurrection Lily that comes up in early summer with just long leaves and dies down but springs up (more than 2 feet tall!) later in the season with just flowers- usually pink .

Grades: K, 1-6

Easter Sunday Craft, Easter Sunday activity - Easter Lilly

John 11:25, Matthew 6:25-34

Copy of activity page for each student
Glue -white glue or glue stick
Markers or crayons
Pencils to share (some skinny markers might do)

Print enough copies. Make a sample before class.

How to make
the Easter Lily

2 parts:
Flower head and













Stem G

Lily-Flower HEAD

1. Cut on solid line
2 Fold on all the dashed lines (gives a little dimension to the object)
3. Turn over (face down ) and roll each flower tip over a pencil , then let it go
4. Turn right side up.
5. Make the magic lily stem (instructions A to G below)
6. Glue the FLOWER space that says : “A GLUE...” AND put a dot of glue on each little word “GLUE” at the center of the flower
7. Put your completed magic stem at the center of the flower so you see the strips and the orange tips come up through the flower . See picture 7.
8. Pull A under B until it matches
9. Press the glued places at the center
of the flower to the stem.
10. As always, tape if necessary until glue dries.

Magic stem
(conserving paper by using instructions section as magic stem)
A Cut on all lines above

B color all 4 tips of short strips
orange on both sides of paper

C color 1 long strip tip green
D Put a straw or new pencil
on the words
E Put glue in the
Magic Stem Glue area”
F Roll up the paper snugly
over the pencil or straw
and into the glue area.
(Tape if needed)
G Remove pencil or straw.

(See image on far left)



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