Preschool-Kindergarten Horn of Plenty Cornucopia

Preschool-Kindergarten Horn of Plenty Cornucopia

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Really easy to cut out preschool and kindergarten Cornucopia.

Teacher Plan for little children Thanksgiving craft - activity

Easy Cut Fruit and Vegetables with Horn of Plenty

What does a Horn of Plenty have to do with Thanksgiving?
It is a table decoration seen for many years that shows we should be thankful for all we get from God.

Since this is designed for small children, the entire explanation and history is probably too much. You can review the information on our cornucopia page for older kids. You may or may not want to tell them it is supposed to look like a GOAT horn!


Old Testament Psalms 69:30, Psalms 95:2, Psalms 100:4

Preschool -k

Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity, Harvest Activity

Copies of the activity Pages for each student

Markers or crayons

For very young children, or children with little experience using scissors, teachers please cut the fruit and vegetables page into 3 pieces on the dashed lines so it will all be easier for the children to cut out. This presumes you or other adult staff will be present and helping as needed with the cutting. Be sure you view our "using scissors" and cutting tips.

You can print out the picture of the completed horn to show them what it would/should look like.

Select each fruit or veggie with a word and help the children identify the word, the meaning, and which way is UP.

Thank you - what does it mean to thank someone? In this context, you are telling someone you know they (God) did something especially nice for you. (Gives us all our food)

God - our father in heaven

The horn is so full of fruit it falls out on the table!



Children instructions
(After discussion above)

1. Identify the fruit/veggies with words.

2. Color the fruit/veggies if you have chosen the coloring pages set. (No need to color the cornucopia)

3. (Teacher has precut the full sheet of fruit and veggies) Children cut out the fruit and veggies.

4. Glue the fruit and veggies on the horn of plenty any way they want.