Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

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Easter Eggs: Children's Lesson Support about New Life in Christ

Easter Egg Tree

Separate eggs and tree.

Great preschool Easter activity for coloring, cutting and matching skills. Use Easter Egg Trees version 1 and 2, colored or uncolored tree, along with either our Easter egg coloring page or already colored Easter eggs. Combine them however you like.

Egg Tree Version 3: Fun for grade 1 and 2

See Teacher Information below.

Easter Egg Tree Version 1 and 2 for Preschool and kindergarten
Easter Egg Tree Version 3 for grades 1 and 2

Easter Eggs to color, and colored eggs are for all ages.

Easter activity with Easter egg coloring page

Jesus Resurrection:Matthew 26:17-25, Mark 14:12-25, Luke 22:1-35, John 13:21-30
Key: John 11:25 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,

About resurrection: Mat 22:31, Luke 20:36, Act 24:15, 1Peter 1:3

Copy of both an Egg tree and Eggs for each student
Markers or crayons

Choose your tree and choose your eggs depending on how much time you want to allow for this activity. To color or not to color, that is the question!

Print enough copies of the Easter Egg Tree you prefer for each child in your class.

The Easter Egg tree uses 5 eggs. The egg activity sheets have two sets of eggs on a page to conserve paper. Cut them in half as shown for distribution.

1. Color your eggs ( if you have chosen the easter egg coloring page).

If you have chosen the colored eggs, go to step 2.

2. Cut out your 5 eggs.

3.Teacherabout the eggs and the egg tree using the Teacher Information below

4. Optional :Color the bird and nest.
5. If you chose the uncolored Egg Tree, color it now.

6. Glue the eggs on the tree

The Egg
The egg is traditionally a sign of new life - for the bird, chicken or whatever will hatch from it. In Christianity, the egg is a symbol for our new life to come with Christ after death.

The Easter Egg Tree
The egg tree is bare, like a tree in winter. It looks like it's dead, but it isn't. In Spring it will look alive again with buds.

Together, the Easter egg and the Easter egg tree serve as reminders of the new life promised to us through Jesus.

Egg Tree Choices

1. Preschool - Kindergarten
Easter Egg Tree coloring page with place for eggs shown. Fine for color or black and white printer.
2. Preschool -Kindergarten
Colored Easter Egg Tree with place for eggs shown. For use on color printer.
3. Grade 1 and 2
Colored Easter Egg Tree without outlne for egg placement. Use on color printer.

Egg Choices

4. Pre-colored eggs. 2 sets per page. For use with color printer.

Use only 5 eggs per tree.

5. Purple outline Easter egg coloring page. Will print as gray lines using a black and white printer. Will be purple using a color printer. 2 sets per page 6. Black and white
Easter Egg coloring page. Use on either black and white or color printer. 2 sets of eggs per page