Decorative Tissue box covers 6 design

Decorative Tissue box covers 6 design

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Decorative Tissue box covers 6 designs

All God's children blow their noses! Kids can make a really useful gift.

We will be adding more holiday and event covers over time.
All instructions are the same for all designs.

Most facial tissue cubes are pretty much the same size - Kleenex and generics - so find them on sale to be ready to use when you like.

Our size fits boxes 4.25- 4.3 inches wide on all sides and about 5.25 tall. When choosing boxes, be mindful that the top is not covered. The bottom is not covered either.

It is just 2 easy pieces. Easy cutting. Careful folding.

It couldn't be an easier craft with such great results and makes a really terrific gift.

Make a gift for dad. Make a gift for mom. Make a gift anyone can use.

Kindergarten - through 5th grade

Gift for Easter

A "Kleenex" cube box for each student
Copy of both pages for each student
Markers or crayons
Tape (optional)

Buy Tissue boxes!

Identify sides 1-2 and the other piece, sides 3-4

Instructions are also printed on each page.

Hint: When gluing, try standing the box up and setting the paper around the box. This will help it stay even with the bottom (table) edge. If you need to start with the box on its side, stand it up as soon as possible and re-align the paper if needed before the glue sets.

1. Cut out both pages sides 1-2 and sides 3-4 on solid lines 2. Color both pages. Complete the "To" and "From". (How about to mom and dad?) 3. Fold on all dashed lines on both pages. Look carefully. 4. Glue all edges of page sides 1-2 (with little flaps). Teacher check the folds before each student glues. Be sure it is folded ON THE CENTERFOLD accurately. 5. Place the centerfold of sides 1-2 on a corner of the box. Wrap the paper around the box being careful that the top and bottom of the paper are even with the top and bottom of the box.
6. Be sure the little flaps on side 1-2 are glued to the box. 7. Glue all around the edges of page sides 3-4 8. Align the centerfold line on this paper to the corner diagonally opposite the first centerfold. This allows best fit. (Or you can start by overlapping one of the little flaps, but you must be more careful in aligning the paper to the box)
9. That's it! You're done. (Unless it needs a little tape to hold while the glue dries) Done Done