David and Goliath Roll People

David and Goliath Roll People

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Easy stand up characters for re-enactment of the story of David and Goliath showing God helps us with big problems.


David and Goliath
Make these David and Goliath stand up Bible Role People without any towel tubes or potty paper roll tubes.

Each child can make a set of David and Goliath. After completion, re-read the story so each student can use the role people to re-enact the story individually. Boys particularly will likely knock down the Goliath with the David figure.


Teacher can make one set (David and Goliath) before class and select students can move the characters around a table during reading of the story. This is recommended for preschool classes.

Easy proportionally sized Stand up David and Goliath figures

Separate David, separate Goliath. Paper power craft - no special materials required, but you can add optional touches to make these Bible people even more interesting!

Rolling the people takes a bit of dexterity, so an option is to pair up the children to help each other with this part.

The only cutting is 2 straight lines on the David paper.

You can use the Goliath page as a coloring page.

Learn that God can help YOU with BIG Problems. Goliath was a big problem for Saul's army. God gave the boy David, who was an unlikely warrior, the brain power to figure out a way to overcome Goliath in a super simple way!

OPTION: Have a little fun crushing up used paper into "Stones" and tossing to knock down Goliath.


Grades: 1-4

Kids Learning about David and Goliath

First Samuel chapter 17

Material Checklist
Copies of each activity page for each student
Tacky glue or glue stick
Crayons or Markers
Clear tape
Yarn (Sling)
Dry peas, beans or similar material (stones)
Wads of used paper "Stones" to toss at Goliath
Paper towel tube and TP tube for all to share (If you are careful, you can do without them.) cover in plastic wrap .

3. Tacky glue




1. Print both David and Goliath pages for each student. These     are MS Word documents so you will get both pages.
2. If you have chosen the uncolored version, color the Goliath
    and the David. If you have chosen the colored versions, put     your name near the feet of each figure.

3. Put tacky glue in the GLUE Space     between the dotted line
    and the edge of the paper on the GOLIATH page
4. Lift up the paper.
5. With one hand hold the glued edge    from the side - use the hand you    don't write with.  
6. *Bring the unglued edge up and   around the back of Goliath to cover    the glue. You may find this easier
   to do with a partner holding the    glued edge for you.

7. Press the top and bottom where the paper overlaps. Be sure to match up the bottom (feet) areas as good as you can.
8. Put a small amount of tape over the overlap if the glue does
    not immediately hold
9. Stand Goliath up

*TUBE OPTION:(If you have trouble keeping it round while gluing, cover a paper towel tube with plastic wrap and then roll Goliath around it. Remove the paper tube when it is glued/ taped. Follow the same procedure for David with a TP tube)




CONSTRUCTING DAVID - the shepherd boy and an unlikely soldier
10. Cut off the top and bottom of the David page.
11. IF YOU HAVE THE OPTIONAL MATERIALS representing First Samuel 17: 40
    -Cut the yarn between 2.5 inches and 3 inches long - this
      represents the sling.
    -Get out the dry peas or beans if you have them - they
       represent the smooth stones David chose.
     - Fold the yarn in half and bring the ends together.
     - Put a dot of glue in David's open hand with the sling.
     - Put both ends of the yarn in the glue.
     - Choose a pea or bean and glue it into the sling.
     - Glue 4 more peas or beans on the ground
12. Put glue in the GLUE SPACES
13. Lift the paper off the table.
14. With one hand hold one end of the glued edge - use the
     hand you don't write with.
15. * Roll the edge of the paper with the Bible verse on it back
      behind. You may find this easier to do with a partner
      holding the glued edge for you.


From Jo's Bible Role People/Roll People collection.