Year Picture Wreath Ornament

Year Picture Wreath Ornament

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(Current) Year wreath ornament with photo or self portrait


This year's version is ready

This kid's personalized wreath ornament is very special. We started this craft in 2011, and have updated it for use this year.

Best with a photo, but a self-portrait will do.

Hint: To speed up the photo process, you can take a group photo if you spread out the children at elbow width apart -about 5 in a line for one photo. This will allow you to cut apart a larger photo (If you print 8 or 10 inches wide) with ample space around each head rather than taking individual photos... but it's up to you. Note: it's always handy to have photos of the kids in your class for other crafts and uses. Phones and digital cameras make this so easy.

A mother's treasure! A grandmother's treasure! Goodness lots of family will love this handmade keepsake ornament.

  P3 (with cutting help) through grade 4

  Advent and/or Christmas


if photo used


Copies of the activity page for each student

Markers or crayons
PHOTO or draw self-portrait
Paper punch
Optional: yarn
Glitter and glitter pan


Take photos a week ahead.

Print head for large no greater than 2.5 inches square.
Print head for small no greater than 2 inches square.

Draw a circle around the head on the print. It doesn't have to be perfect. Cut the circle - it will look much better than a square in the center of the wreath.Glitter can cover up imperfections!

Instructions are also printed on the download page.

Print the ornament you want.


ornament image

Personal Picture Ornament

1. Cut on the heavy OUTSIDE line only.

2. Decorate the holly and everything except the center and where to punch the hole. You can leave the words and year white for younger children. Older children can color them in with fineline markers or colored pencils. Complete the year at the bottom of the ornament. It is lightly begun with 201--and you match the size and put in the last number!

3. If you have the photo, cut it with a circle around it rather than in a square. Glue it into the center of the wreath.

- You can use a drinking glass or glass jar to lay over the picture and draw the circle. the glass allows you to sort of see where the head is.
- if you do not have a photo, draw a picture of your own head in the center of the wreath.

4. Fold the long tab on the dashed line.

5. Reopen the long tab and GLUE its' back.

6. Refold and press. Let set.

7. Punch the hole in the folded long tab thru both layers.

8. Glue around AROUND the head with something to spread out the glue. Sprinkle glitter over the ornament while you are holding the ornament over the glitter pan. Shake off. This should encircle the head in glitter.

9. Let Dry - you are done.