Crumpled Leaf Wreath
Crumpled Leaf Wreath
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Crumpled Leaf Wreath

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You won't believe it's not real!

Crumpled Autumn Leaf Wreath

"A time for every season under heaven...."

Recently I visited the Arboretum to collect colorful autumn leaves for this project. It was so beautiful; reflecting the beauty of God's earth.

The leaves were scanned and transferred for cutting out. They are gorgeous! God painted the leaves in wonderful colors.

By crumpling and reopening the leaves, you add to the realism.

There are 2 parts - you make the wreath base first - and please use the most sturdy paper you can in your printer. If you have tan heavyweight paper that would be most excellent, but use whatever is sturdiest for the base.

You can choose a 9.5 inch wreath base, or an 11 inch wreath base. The smaller wreath utilizes 2 pages of leaves, while the larger wreath uses 3 pages of autumn leaves or more if you wish.

Part 2 is choosing and preparing the leaves.

Pictured left is an 11 inch wreath.


Autumn, Thanksgiving, For the Beauty of the Earth, Seasons


Copies of the wreath base for each student

Copies of the leaf pages for each student
Glue (white glue and glue sticks)
Paper punch
Option - plastic sandwich bags for each child.
Option - Yarn if you want to add a loop

How to make a dry leaf wreath - or what really looks like a dry leaf wreath!

These lifelike paper wreaths will fool a lot of people - a great fun craft result!

Best way to crumple leaves: put one in your palm face up and fold your fingers closed.