Colors of Easter Bracelet

Colors of Easter Bracelet

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Colors of Easter Bracelet

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Easter Colors Chart


This craft: Butterfly bracelet and Easter egg bracelet

Make a butterfly bracelet and an Easter egg bracelet.

Use this Easter craft by itself or with our informational page about the Colors of Easter which includes an activity and information about some of the colors in the Bible.

Our Colors of Easter information gives you the ability to color your bracelet with meaningful colors, not just random colors. Though really, you can use any colors you like.

For the Easter bracelet, you can use bright, bold colors, or pastel or pale versions of most of the colors.

There are 4 sets with two styles on each download page . A set includes an egg shaped decoration and the butterfly decoration.

Both the egg and butterfly symbolize new life in Christ and are traditional Easter symbols.

Kids can trade or give away finished bracelets if you allow it. They can also trade unfinished bracelets like if one students want 2 egg bracelets and another wants 2 butterfly bracelets. You know your kids best.

Grade 2 through 8


Matthew 28


Copy of a set of bracelets for each student
Crayons or markers
Optional Copy of the Easter Colors chart to discuss with your class
Glue or glue stick
Tape for inside to hold til glue dries.

Cut apart sets of 2 bracelets each student


Talk about the Easter Colors Chart. You can tell the Holy week Easter Story using the Colors of Easter Bracelet if you study the color chart (see link above left) or go to our page about it.

See what others say about a certain color and decide what you think the color means for Easter.

Put your name on the back of the bracelets.

If your teacher allows, you can trade bracelets.

Color (it is easier to do it before cutting) using meaningful Easter colors.



Roll the loose end over the top, around then under your hand to end up OVER your thumb, until you are over the dotted line area somewhere in the glue end. NOT TOO TIGHT!

Count the dotted squares that you can still see.
( see 4 dotted lines in the photo above)

Mark (or remember) where the decorated end overlaps the dotted squares end. (Or ask someone else in the class to mark it while you are holding it snugly, but not tight.


Glue from your mark to the end where it says "GLUE"

Put it together overlapping the decorated end over the dotted line end.

You're done!