Circle Angel: tabletop Christmas Angel or treetop Angel with option to make it an ornament.

Circle Angel: tabletop Christmas Angel or treetop Angel with option to make it an ornament.

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Children's Easy Cut and Glue Christmas Angel that stands-up or can go on the treetop! In one extra step, you can make it an ornament!

How to make the Angel - QUICK AND EASY CHRISTMAS CRAFT - paper, glue and scissors

Circle Angel: tabletop Christmas Angel or treetop Angel with option to make it an ornament.

Easy to cut, minimum or no coloring necessary (unless you want to) to this quick but satisfying and good looking craft. Stand-up conical Christmas Angel

- Sparkle it up by adding gold glitter to the halo

- If you can cut on the lines, you can make it!

Preschoolers 3's and 4's with cutting skills can do it, but teacher help may be required to roll under the glue tab.

Grades K, 1, 2, 3 (4)
(Preschoolers that can cut on the lines, can make this angel with a little guidance)
Grade 4 should add decorations, or Christmas angel Bible verses around the bottom

Christmas Angel craft: It can be - The angel that brings the message to Mary, The angel that tells the shepherds or any of the other angels appearing in the Christmas story.

Luke 1:26 , Luke 1:30, Luke 1:34, Luke 1:35, Luke 2:9m Luke 2:10, Luke 2:13

Copy of the activity page for each student
White Glue, tacky glue or glue stick
Crayons or Markers OPTIONAL
Clear tape (backup for wet glue)
Gold glitter glue stick (optional for halo)

Print or print and copy activity page for each student. The page to color will work both on a black and white printer or a color printer.

6. Above

6A above. 7. Small hole is neck hole.

1. Print on the heaviest paper possible.

2 Cut out the angel base. Cut on the top of the halo and around the outside of the entire angel. Then go back and cut the 2 lines that go to under the chin. Stop where the line stops. If you make a mistake, stop and tape it from the back now. Put your name on the back along the round edge now.

3. Cut out the wings.

4. You do not need to color the angel except for the hair and halo. It looks great if you glitter the halo! You can color the wings or angel robe if you want to add the time.
If you color or glitter, do it now!

5. Put glue in the entire Glue area on the angel base (in the dotted triangular area)

6. Bring the unglued straight side around and over the glued straight side all the way over to the dashed line (Match). Pop or poke the head up and out of the way as you roll the unglued side over the glued side. Do not bend or fold the neck. It will go where it belongs all by itself with just a little bit of help.( If you do not match the bottom edges perfectly and a piece sticks out, just trim it off so it stands well.)

6A. If the glue does not immediately stick, help it along with a piece of tape across the seam inside the cone shape you just made.

7. If you want it to be a standing angel or treetop angle, skip this step.
To make it a hanging tree ornament, just cut 6 inches of yarn or string. Make a basic loop by simply bringing the ends of the yarn or string together. Inside the cone, put a glob of glue on the seam (or nearer center back) at or near the neck hole. Inside the cone, push the loop through the hole. STOP when there's about a half inch left to go and put the ends of the yarn or string in the glob of glue. Lay the string or yarn loop next to the head, so it does NOT get glued into the wings by mistake.

8. Put glue on the glue space on the wings.

9. Stick the wings on the back of the angel about where it says "wings here" but the area may vary depending on how well you overlapped to the dashed line. Help each child align the center of the wings with the center of the back of the head. ( The bottom of the wings can touch the table. ) Put a finger inside the cone and a different finger outside the cone on the wing glue area to press and stick them together.


10. Talk about the angels in the Christmas story! Who is your angel?