Christmas Wreath and Bow: Easy to Cut

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Children's Bible Lesson Support for Preschool Christmas Wreath

Teacher Information and Instructions

Christmas Wreath and Bow: Easy to Cut

Grades P3-K - early childhood

Easy, but interesting Christmas wreath for younger kids


For children learning to use scissors, both the Christmas wreath and bow have no sharp inside corners or small places to cut, making this a very easy-to-cut wreath. If a child does make what they believe is a cutting mistake, confirm that all wreaths are different and their's is special. This wreath craft is also perfect to learn how to cut the inside of any circle for those who have no or little scissors experience. (Or teacher can cut the centers if you want to make it even easier!) This is an ideal craft to teach children to use scissors properly.

Two options: Black and white wreath to color (and cut and decorate if you like) , or already colored wreath to cut and decorate.

Use this wreath as a Christmas coloring page, without cutting it out. Just cut out the bow!

Perfect easy wreath to glue on anything you like!

The wreath is a symbol for God at Christmas. The circle goes round and round, without beginning or end - just like God.

Copy of both wreath and bow Page for each student
Clear tape
Something to glue on the wreath: either our Christmas Symbol Ornaments, star shaped macaroni, stickers, or anything you like!

Print or print and copy activity page

1. Color the Christmas wreath. (If you choose the black and white one)
2. Cut the outside edge of the wreath. (both versions)
3 See photos below for learning to cut the center of the paper. (Teacher note: Most children struggle with trying to poke blunt scissors into the center of a project to cut it out.There is an easier way!)
4. Color the bow
5 Cut out the bow
You can stop here or glue on special items that are symbols of Christmas or the joy of Christmas .

Cutting the center of the wreath:
Lightly fold the wreath in half.
Pinch the center with your left hand to create a light crease. (If you are left handed, reverse this process) Being careful to place your scissors away from your fingers, cut a slit across the light crease. It must be big enough to put one scissors blade into the slit. Open the wreath flat. With the scissors in your cutting hand, put the lower blade into the slit 
and cut toward the line. Continue cutting around the circle until you are back to where you have cut all around.The wreath center should be cut out.