Christmas Wrapping Paper Joy Banner

Christmas Wrapping Paper Joy Banner

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Christmas Wrapping Paper Joy Banner

4 pieces. Easy cutting. Coloring not necessary.

Use any leftover wrapping paper, saved used paper, Sunday newspaper comic section, or new stuff*. All you need is pieces of wrap 6 inches wide and 24 inches long approximately.

You may reduce the pieces on a copy machine to make smaller banners.

The cutting is pretty easy, except for the center of the "O", but if you pinch and cross cut as shown, it is pretty easy.

Measuring and marking the wrapping paper to cut, if done by students would take a first grader, but a teacher or aid could easily prepare the wrapping paper for many children in a short time.

You don't have to color the letters if your wrapping paper is colorful......or you can print the letters on colored paper.

This banner can hang on a wall, doorknob or door. Show the children how to hang it on a doorknob.

1 through 6th grade

Advent and/or Christmas

Copies of the 2 pages for each student

paper Wrapping paper at least 6 inches wide and 24 inches long for each child*
x White glue
x Pencil
check Optional:colored pencils, markers, or crayons
check 2 Paper punch and 10 inches of yarn per banner

* You can use strips of ribbon or cloth 3 inches wide by 24 inches long and skip the folding and inside gluing. You would do step #2 and jump to step #9.

No special preparation. Read the Activity information above.

Note: Metallic papers do not always glue well. Test glue on gold, silver and similar papers.


1. If you are going to color the letters, color them before cutting. But remember the letters look good left white if the paper is colorful.

2. Cut out the three letters

3. Cut out the wrapping paper template (The rectangle) This is used to measure a piece of wrap 6 inches wide and 22.5 inches long)

4. Turn the paper over and starting at the top of the paper trace the wrapping paper template on the back in PENCIL.

Be sure the arrow points down.

Move the template down to where the first marked one ends and trace another one attached to the first one. Do this for 3 template lengths. If you prefer, you can simply cut a piece of wrap 6 inches wide and 22.5 inches long.

5. Fold the wrapping paper in half the long way, matching the edge as best you can. 6. Glue the backside along the fold and along the outter edge on 3 sides.
7.Stretch out the paper. Starting at the fold, press the paper closed. If needed, move it around. 8. Don't expect it to be perfect! Choose the side you think looks best and trim any backside showing. This becomes your front.

9. Space out the letters on the front, leaving at least one inch at the top before putting on the J. (2 inches is better) NO GLUE YET 10. Put glue on one letter at a time. Glue each letter in place and fold back one inch at the top. Put glue on the back of the banner under the folded part. This will make the top stronger.



You are done!

To punch a hole in the top, gently crease the top in half and press lightly to set a "Dent" in the paper to show you where to punch your hole. Put the punch into the paper at least a half inch down from the top.

Use about 10 inches of yarn through the hole and tie off a loop for hanging.