Christmas trees for kids to color, glue, or whatever

Christmas trees for kids to color, glue, or whatever

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Children's Christmas tree Choices:

Really different Christmas trees that suits your need!

Happy hands tree
Preschool - Grade 3
Real tree -great for gluing - Any grade Tree to color and glue
Kindergarten - Grade 3
Scribble and stick-on
Grade 3-8

Simple Symbol tree to color
Preschool - Grade 1
Watercolor tree for gluing & stickers
Any grade

Modified Chrismon tree
Color the symbols tree
Preschool-Grade 1

Toddler Tree to color
Toddler 2's - P3

For Christian Christmas symbols see: Symbols - explained or Chrismons including their meaning and origin on our other pages

Christmas trees for kids to color, glue, or whatever

Multipurpose children's Christmas trees to print & color. Christmas trees perfect for stickers! Trees perfect for cutting out ornaments to glue. Use our Jesus Symbols and Signs for older kids or Christmas Symbol Ornaments for younger children, both available through our Christmas Menu.

Happy Hands tree
If you are looking for unusual Christmas tree coloring pages, our unique set for 2007 includes the multipurpose Happy Hands Christmas tree that can be used for stickers or pasting on ornaments - but also can be used in Christian fellowship. Have the children pass around the tree they've colored (use light colors) in class and have each child write their name on any spaces in various dark colors. How wonderful the love and fellowship of Christmas.

Watercolor tree
This wonderful kid's Christmas tree looks like someone painted it just for you! Print on color printer. Add stickers or glue on ornaments.

Real Tree
If you are going to decorate a Christmas tree, why not start with a real tree? Focus class time on the symbols of your ornaments. A great tree for stickers! Super tree for older kids with our Jesus Symbols and signs!

Scribble Tree
Older children (grade 5 and up) are less likely to want to color a regular Christmas tree than younger children. This is a Sunday School Christmas tree for older kids. This tree offers a challenge for students to use a fineline marker and scribble while you talk! The results will be great! Watch out where the enclosed spaces to scribble start and the blank space are! If you are discussing Christian Christmas symbols during this project, it is likely you may see some surface on their trees as doodles!

Tree to color and glue
This is a simpler version of the scribble tree. It is much more interesting to color than a single large surface area tree. It helps improve coloring skills, but mistakes are well obscured in the pattern.

Simple Symbol Tree
This Christmas tree with ornaments is an introduction to Christian Christmas symbols. Only ornaments that relate to Jesus or His birth are shown. This has a simple triangle tree background as the focus is on the symbols. It will fill more time than the Chrismaons tree. The triangle itself is a symbol - for the trinity!

Modified Chrismons tree
This is an introduction to the Chrismons tree for younger children. Each ornament represents Jesus or something about Jesus' birth. The unique thing about the Chrismons tree is that it is decorated only in GOLD AND WHITE. So get out your gold glitter and gold markers only! See BOTH our Chrismons page and Christmas Symbols ornaments page for the explanation of the symbols. An authentic Chrismons (Jesus monogram) tree for older children would not have the candy cane and angel, but they are Christian Christmas symbols and used here.

Toddler Tree
Similar to the Simple Symbol tree, but this Christmas tree has fewer, larger symbolic ornaments for toddles. Help the children identify the symbols:
Angel- the angel that brought the good news that Jesus was born.
Crown - for Jesus is a special king - the king of kings
Star - for the star over the place where Jesus was born
Candy Cane - for the shepherds to use with their lambs
The Wreath - a circle for God that has no beginning or end.
The Dove - the hope of new life Jesus will give us in heaven
The Triangle tree- one corner for God, one for Jesus and one for the Spirit.

Grades - as shown

Kid's Christmas Craft

Materials depend on the tree you choose.

The modified Chrismons tree requires gold glitter glue.

Most of our Christmas trees to color require at least green markers - yellow- green to blue-green, light or dark. Or crayons!

The scribble tree required fine line markers or green gel-pens.

You can get stickers of your choice, or use our ornaments (see our Christmas Menu)

The real tree, the modified Chrismons tree and the watercolor tree require printing on color printer.

All other trees can be printed on either a black and white printer or color printer.

Print one for each child.

This depends on your choice of tree and materials

Teacher, talk about the meaning, origin, or information found on the individual page.