Christmas Spiral icicle Ornament

Christmas Spiral icicle Ornament

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Christmas Spiral icicle Ornament

pair of icicles

Extremely Easy. Takes a bit of dexterity in wrapping the paper around a pencil.

As easy as 1,2, 3 - Cut, color and curl!

These fun, colorful and cute icicle ornaments can be cranked out in bunches or make one to fill out a tiny bit of time.

Decorative on one side, a Christmas message on the other!

Straight line cutting, but follow the instructions on how to cut.

Delightful ornament patterns or be creataive with your own designs!

1 through 8th grade

Advent and/or Christmas

instant activity

Copies of the pages you choose for each student

paper Paper clip or 8 inches of string per ornament
x Pencil (at least 4" long with traditional eraser end )
check Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
check 2 Paper punch
check 2 Tape
check 2 * See alternative wrapping paper note

Cut to separate the icicles as there are 5 on a page- unless you choose the variety page and want each student to make all 5.

Read the Activity information above.

*Note: You could trace the plain ones onto heavy wrapping paper as an alternative. Metallic papers cmay or may not work well.

variety colored





three done


color cut down
1. Color or decorate the icicle front. 2. Cut the icicle starting at the fat end on the L side.
Do not cut non-stop around the point to avoid tearing.
Do not hold by the pointy end to avoid ripping. When you get to the point STOP and go back to the fat end to cut the other side down to the point.
3. Print a Christmas message on the back of the icicle with a pencil. .
fold start
4. Fold back the corner tab. 5. Align the fold along the bottom of the barrel. The barrel is the gold or metal band that holds the eraser.


6. For this to work easily, you must keep the folded edge even along the edge of the barrel. 7. Get a tiny piece of tape and tape the end of the icicle to the barrel. This is temporary so don't use much tape. It is just there to help you hold it in place.

hold left

8. Hold the barrel and the fat end of the icicle in your left hand against the table. If your kids find a more comfortable way to roll the paper tightly , let them do it.

hold roll

9. With you other hand roll the pencil so the paper twists around the pencil pretty tightly. The tighter the roll, the better the curl.

let go

10.When you have reached the end, let go.

remove punch
11. Gently untwist where you had taped and peel off the tape WITH the fat end of the icicle. 12. Fold the tape over the end to strengthen it. Punch through both layers at the X circle.
papaerclip done

13. The easiest hanger is a paperclip. Open the paper clip and put the small end through the hole and press together.

You can use string or yarn as an alternative. tie gently so you do not rip the paper.

14. Done