Giant Christmas Chrismons Tree Poster

Giant Christmas Chrismons Tree Poster

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Christmas Chrismons Tree Poster

Chrismon tree all

1. Individual or
2. Group Activity or
3. Teacher room decoration

The finished size is almost 2 feet by 3 feet!

Made of 12 panels or sections that kids can decorate first and then put together.

Great Christian Christmas decoration for a hall, wall or door!

Photo realistic Christmas tree with Christ symbols embedded on it.

The objective is cooperation by the class in decoration and assembly! With 12 pieces, you can allocate students with the greatest zeal to sections with more to decorate, while those with less interest to decorate can get panels with fewer symbols to decorate or get the job of cutting and assembling the panels. The tree does need a final topper and some base decoration too. (15-16 assignable tasks, but if you have fewer students, you can have the person who decorates a piece cut the appropriate sides. And same students can assemble the whole thing together)

Teachers can print and put up as room decoration in any grade room. It will work with no further decoration, but glitter, sequins or anything similar will make it sparkle.

Discuss the symbols. See our other material for explanation of symbols.

Task management:
Decorating each of the 12 pieces
Cutting each of the 12 pieces
Decorating panel 1-1 with identification or greeting
Assembling and aligning each row
Assembling and aligning all the rows together
Making a top star or angel
Making/drawing a stand, or base

Grade 2 through 6th grade do-it-yourself,
or for K - Gr 1 with teacher or aid for assembly

* If undecorated

Copies of all of the activity pages

White glue
White and or gold glitter
White and or gold tiny beads
White and/or gold sequins
White and/or gold markers or crayons
White and or gold stickers - stars or dots or whatever

If you have no white or gold doo dads, the class can still do this as a project together in cutting and assembling, and creating a top ornament. The stand/base can be any colors.

1. Print all the pages in color if possible.
If you only have access to black and white printer, print it that way and have the class go over the branches with a wide green marker. Watch for the lights!

2. ASSIGN the 12 sections to students. 1-1 through 4-3 to decorate
     Row 1 is 1-1(Left) , 1-2(center) , 1-3(right)
     Row 2 is 2-1(Left) , 2-2(center) , 2-3(right)
     Row 3 is 3-1(Left) , 3-2(center) , 3-3(right)
     Row 4 is 4-1(Left) , 4-2(center) , 4-3(right)

Section 1-1 is blank, except for cutting and glue instructions. This is for you put in a greeting or your class identification.

3. DECORATE SYMBOLS: Chrismons are traditionally only colored gold and white.
Suggested materials for decoration: Gold Glitter glue, White pearly glitter glue, white sequins, gold sequins, tiny gold beads, tiny white beads or pearls, tiny Kleenex wads, gold markers, Binney & Smith/Crayola gold crayons, any other gold or white bitsys you can come up with.

Students sharing a shape (meaning a shape that overlaps a joint) should cooperate and decorate using the same colors and materials. Talk to each other - communicate!

4. CUT the edges as indicated on each sheet. For the best result, barely cut off the gray line.

5. Select all 3 pieces for row 1 and glue together as shown on each piece. Suggest Tacky glue so you can move to line up perfectly. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3
MATCH the shapes and gray lines.
You can trim these off at the end.

Chrismon tree  row1

6. Select all 3 piece for row 2 by itself. Match gray lines and shapes perfectly. Glue these 3 pieces together. 2-1, 2-2, 2-3

Chrismon tree  row 2
7. Select all 3 piece for row 3 by itself. Match gray lines and shapes perfectly. Glue these 3 pieces together. 3-1, 3-2, 3-3

Chrismon tree  row 3
8. Select all 3 piece for row 4 by itself. Match gray lines and shapes perfectly. Glue these 3 pieces together. 4-1, 4-2, 4-3

Chrismon tree  row 4

9 . Put Glue all along bottom of the 3 pieces joined together as row 1 and lay all of row 2 over it and match the gray line and symbols. Sequence is pictured below for final Christmas Chrismons Tree construction.

10. Do the same thing for adding row 3 to row 2. And last add row 4.

Chrismon tree row 1 2Chrismon tree  1 2 3Chrismon tree  1 2 3 4
11. Trim, if needed.

12. The tree does need a final topper (angel or star) and some base decoration around the trunk. too.