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Children's Chrismons

See how to make/decorate a Chrismons Tree! The kit includes this page plus 10 pages with 22 ready-to-use Chrismons that can be cut, decorated and used directly or as a pattern, with instructions, suggestions and the meaning or background origin about each Chrismon. Some simple enough for preschooler children and others suited to older children through adults!



What are Chrismons? Here is the answer:

What do you use Chrismons for? What is a Chrismons tree? Here are the answers:


Why are Chrismon colors limited to gold and white?
As monograms of Christ, they are all made in combinations of GOLD and WHITE. White is the liturgical color for Christmas and stands for our Lord's purity and perfection. GOLD represents His majesty and glory. On the Chrismon tree, tiny white lights symbolize Christ as the light of the world.

Can Chrismons be used at Easter as well as at Christmas?
Yes, though traditionally they are used at Christmas, since Chrismons celebrate the life, teachings, mission and ministry of Jesus, they can be used on an Easter tree or Cross. These are Jesus symbol ornaments for many uses.

.What Chrismons are included here in Volume 1?
Shell, Fish (2), Chi Rho, Star, Crosses (4) Christmas Rose, Crown, Fleur-de-lis, Lamb, Vine and grapes (very cool!) , Butterflies (3), Candle, Triangle, Doves (3).

What do the individual Chrismons mean?
Each Chrismon pattern page has information, or origin of the symbol.

Grades - There are some simple enough Chrismons patterns for preschoolers as well as ones older children and adults might prefer.

Kid's Christmas Craft: Jesus symbol ornaments

Pattern pages
White yarn or string
Gold and white glitter glue

Cut apart egg compartments**

Secondary Materials:
Loose glitter - white, gold, pearl white iridescent
Green yarn (see: Hanging yarn)
Small sequins - white, gold
1/2" sequins - white and gold
Toothpick or open paper clips

More Material Suggestions

These Chrismons can be a simple instant craft activity with just scissors, glue, copies of the pages, yarn or string, and gold and white glitter glue, but they can be so much more!

Suitable for full-sized Christmas tree.

1. FASTEST- EASIEST: Print or Print then copy the page on the heaviest weight paper your printer or copier will handle and decorate directly. (24lb and heavier paper sometimes can be sheet fed in a copier- check your copier instructions).

2 BACKING SUPPORT: Print the pages. Cut roughly around the pattern leaving 1/4 inch or more to the cut line. Glue over the entire surface of the back of the ornament to the edge of what you cut out. Stick it onto the backing. Now cut through the backing and the pattern together. This is the easiest and best way to assure you get the edges glued together.This is recommended if you only have standard copy or printing paper.
See paper sandwich*** option in later info.

3. TRACE: Print the pages and then trace onto another material and use it for your Chrismon shape base.
See shape material alternate suggestions at the bottom of this page

1 White Yarn
2 Green yarn (less visible on tree)
3 String
4 1/4 inch ribbon
5 Gold cord
(wire is not recommended)

*Dark green hanging yarn
 may be used as it is less obvious when completed. It cannot be used on the Chrismon

See list of more decoration materials at the bottom of this page

Print or print and copy the entire set of Chrismons - or just one page if you want everyone to make the same Chrismon ornament at one time.

Gather gold and white decorations as shown above or from the extended list at the bottom of the page.



This depends on whether or not you use the printed or copied page directly, or use other shape base material.

If you are using the pages directly, you are ready to cut and decorate these Christian symbols.

Teacher, talk about the meaning, origin, or information found on the individual page.

Cut 8" of yarn.
Loop in half and pinch the ends together
glue 1/2" to 3/4" of both ends behind the ornament top.
YARN LOOP ALWAYS GOES ON BACK - when mark is shown on the front, it is to just give you an idea of where to glue it to the back - usually for balance or strength.

The loop goes over the tree branch without any hooks. The face of the ornament is to the viewer of the tree. (That's why it is not necessary to decorate the back!)

If you are making a paper sandwich of a printed sheet and heavier paper backing, 1 cut both pieces first, 2 glue the hanging yarn to the backing piece and let it setup a bit, 3 decorate the print copy by itself, 4-LAST cover the backing with glue including the yarn ends, and put the decorated piece on top, which then sandwiches the ends of the yarn between both pieces. This is a little harder to do than #2 Backing Support shown above.

SEQUINS and similar decorations
It is helpful to have toothpicks or open paper clips handy to move sequins around on the glued surface.

Many of the Chrismons will do well with an edge of Gold or white glitter glue. It can make them a bit sturdier as well as covering the outline.

Cut and decorate the face of the ornament first. Get a small "Stand" for your Chrismon- a little jar lid or cut apart an ** egg carton and flip one compartment over to make a tiny table (you ma have to trim it a little to even it out). Put a sheet of paper or wax paper under it. Put the Chrismon on top - face up. Hold your glitter glue above the edge and go round the edge as close as you can. Don't worry if it drips - the paper is there to catch it. Let it dry where it is so it won't stick to anything else.

You can usually cover white glitter with gold, but on the other hand, white glitter will not usually cover gold very well for top decorations. So do your white decorations first.

There are no other rules! Enjoy yourself and decorate with aplomb!

If the ornament curls the paper as the glue dries,which may occur if you surface cover it with glue to apply a texture, that's ok! It will add interest to the ornament.