Bulletin board letter pennants

Bulletin board letter pennants

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Bulletin board letter pennants


fish pennant

Free pennants for bulletin boards and room decorations.

Three sections: (print only the letters you need from each ssection)

1. Alphabet letters A-K

2. Alphabet letters L-Z plus blank, period and exclamation

3. Cross and fish pennants

Simple cutting.

SundaySchoolKids Alphabet Pennants
- Free Bulletin Board letters

PRINT only the pages that you need in either the PDF or Word Document
- IF printed on a black and white printer, the colored pennants will
come out in variou shades of gray. You can color the letters in
light, bright vibrant colors and even those will look good.
CUT and/or then COLOR (if desired) , then fold back tops
Spice up the blank ones with patterns!

- All are 4 1/4 inch wide at widest
- May be overlapped up to 1/2 inch on the top at each side to save space.
- Have the letters in one word or name at least touch each other (if not overlap)
- Leave one and a half inches between words

- Fold back top for all uses
- IF hung over a line, cord or wire, etc. tape the folded flap
to the back of the pennant to secure to the line or wire, etc.
- As most lines, cords or wires will have some slack, you may
tape the pennants together from the back to avoid them slipping and blocking each other.
- IF tacked in place - like to the bulletin board, tack through the double layers to prevent tearing and curling.

- The set contains a period, an exclamation point and a blank pennant.
- Vowels are yellow.
- G and J are royal purple.
- Consider cutting off 1/4 of the tip if they will hang where people may walk close to them
- How long will your banner be?
For standarad pennants, multiply the number of letters by 4.25 and the number of spaces by 1.5 and add the numbers together.
To reduce the end number of inches, overlap letters as indicated above.
- You can reduce the pennants size in your printer settings, or on a copier.


Grades: All

Room Decoration

Not strictly related

Printout of letters you need- best on color printer
Tape or tacks
checkbox Colors if printined on black and white printer

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