Serpents and Snakes

Serpents and Snakes

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Easy to make snake for two great Bible stories


Bible Serpents
Old Testament Snakes
Make a Crafty Snake

Better for boys, but girls will do it too.


Multi-use SERPENT - 3 variations

1. Creation: The garden of Eden story

2. Moses Exodus: Moses turns his rod into a serpent

All from the same base pattern

1. Straight snake
2. Coiled snake
3 Twisted snake



Color and decorate the snake - like diamond backs or stripes, or whatever.

If you are using the serpent fro the Garden of Eden story,
you can have the class write either, "SIn", "Temptation", or the "devil" on the snake. Have the children think about what sin or temptation they want to overcome in their lives, then have them crumple, rip or otherwise destroy the snake. They can overcome sin and temptation with God's help.

Twist fold or roll at the end is optional

Grades: 2 to 6

Cutting and gluing are quite easy for young kids, but the snake may be a bit too scary for younger children.

Old Testament serpents, Snakes, sin, the devil.

Creation: The serpent in the Garden of Eden
The Devil, temptation and sin are all enveloped in the idea of the Serpent - snake. Genesis chapter 3

Exodus: Moses and the Rod (staff)
Moses first encounters a serpent by the Lord's call (Exodus 4) and uses his God given power in the Pharaohs presence in Exodus 7: 1-14 when his serpent eats ......well it's an exciting story.

A serpent is usually referencing a really large snake.

Material Checklist
Copy activity Page for each student
White glue or glue stick
Crayons or Markers

Identify the 3 sections:

Head section
Middle section (plain rectangle)
Tail section (pointed)


(time- about 10 minutes )

1. Cut out the 3 pieces

2. Put glue on glue area 1 and 2.

3. Place the unglued end of the plain rectangle over glue area 1 of the head section

4. Place the plain end of tail section over glue area 2


You should have one long piece.

5. Fold 1 is the dashed line going from the "Forked tongue" all the way to the tail. Fold on this line.

6. you should see "Glue before final fold" several times all the way down this area. Glue where it says to glue and along entire body. (NOT THE HEAD)


7. Next fold the strip over the glue


8. You can spread the head apart to open the mouth and color the forked tongue red or green.

FOR MOSES ROD stop here.
Decorate or color the snake.

For the Serpent from the Garden of Eden, continue.
Twist or Coiled snake.

9. Twist fold as shown here all the way down the body. twisting in the same direction all the way will give your snake a flexible body. Twist folding one way way and then another will change the shape of you snake too.

all twisted


Just grab the tail and roll it around your fingers until you reach the head.

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