Bible Book Cube

Bible Book Cube

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Bible Book Cube - Old Testament

Old Testament Testament Learning tool

Old Testament

Reading ability required - suitable older grade 2 through HS

Help learning the names of the Old Testament Bible Books. This activity focuses on learning in small chunks or clusters, with the 3 dimensional cube as a visual and tactile aid. This may be considered an Old Testament Bible Books craft but it only requires cutting, folding and gluing suitable for a large grade span.

The Bible Books are numbered in sequential groups with the last books, or the most difficult names, shown in syllables.

There are a few tips on saying the tricky Bible Book names.

Teacher - Every Sunday after this craft and activity, always leave out a completed Bible Book cube and the number cube for students to use anytime. Familiarity will increase recollection.

1 Copy of the Old Testament Bible Book Cube for each student
Copies of the number cube

Copy and distribute the activity sheet

Review our special page cutting tips with the class before they begin cutting. And have everyone cut one section of the cube together with you to start.

Children - even older ones - tend to put their scissors to an activity and keep on cutting. Show them the right way to use scissors to cut inside corners using the Cutting Tips.

1. Cut the Old Testament Bible Book Cube on the heavy line (note the cutting trick is on the printed page)
2. Fold down on all dotted lines (meaning the dotted line should show at the peak of the fold) (Hold it off the table in your hands)
3. Dab glue on the 4 glue tabs that go under sides 4 and 5, spread glue to cover the tab all the way up to the dotted line.
4. Bring up sides 1 and 3 until the 4 tabs are in place. Hold for a moment to set the glue. Look in the box to be sure the tabs are up against the sides of the box.
5. Dab glue on the 3 remaining tabs, spreading all the way up to the dotted line.
6. Close up the cube tucking the 3 remaining tabs in the cube.

When the cube is made,

A. Count the total number of books in the Old Testament of the Bible.

B. Practice saying the names of the books - some are TRICKY like Psalms is said as Salms (The P is Silent) . Job is NOT like work you go get to do for pay it is like the name Joe with a short b sound at the end - it rhymes with bath robe.


Get and make the number cube--- roll the number cube and whatever number is UP, the roller must tell from memory what books of the Bible are in that group on the Bible cube!

Follow instructions # 1-6 above if you are making the number cube.