Anything Wreath

Anything Wreath

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Anything Wreath

finished wreath

Celebrate the seasons, holidays, events or whatever suits your fancy.

Simple cutting - and good for not-so-careful cutters.

Versatile 9.5 inch wide wreath to color or glue on anything you like.You can shrink on any copier for smaller wreath.

3 piece wreath

Best printed on heaviest paper possible - or cutout and retrace on light cardboard, or posterboard.

Anything? Yes, use whatever decoration you have on hand! Ideas include dry leaves, small crumpled colored tissue paper balls, glitter, paper punch dots from colored or patterned paper, fingerprints, stickers, little hearts, easter egg cutouts, paint, sawdust, packing foam "peanuts", confetti, or trace on heavy holiday wrapping paper.

For these you must use white glue and cardboard or foam for the wreath base: dry peas (for Christmas) , bow tie macaroni, buttons, orzo, colored aquarium sand, seeds, rice, cookie and cake deorations (But expensive),

No specific biblical reference, though the circle is a symbol for God.

Any age able to do simple cutting.

Versitile craft for room decoration or any holiday

Copies of the activity pages for each student on heaviest paper possible.

Glue - white glue or glue stick depending on weight of materials you will use to decorate the wreath
OPTIONAL any materials to decorate the wreath
check OPTIONAL - pendil and cardboard. oaktag or posterboard or lightweight craft foam to trace
check Tape or stapler to hold while glue dries

NO advance preparation

Note: the overlap and glue makes this wreath stronger than a single piece wreath.

1. Cut the pieces

2. Layout all the pieces without any glue to test what it will look like. Overlap a plain end of the wreath over a glue end. Match carefully.

If you are tracing onto cardboard, do that now. Fold over the glue end along the dotted line. Lay it on your cardboard and draw a line that will show you how far to overlay your cardboard pieces.

3. Glue the glue end of each piece.

3. Overlap a plain end of the wreath over a glued end. Match carefully. (|If you are in a hurry, you can either tape it on the back or staple through the overlap (staple for older children only).

4. Fold over the punch tab piece and glueit to the back of the wreath. Punch if desired.

wreath pieces

You can shrink on copier for smaller wreath.