A sailing ship for Paul's Shipwreck
A sailing ship for Paul's Shipwreck
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A sailing ship for Paul's Shipwreck

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A sailing ship for Paul's Shipwreck

Build the boat then shipwreck it!

Assembly and cutting are pretty easy!

Yes this is the same basic BIBLE BOAT with a few differences!

Choose from 2 versions of the boat: Get the un-colored or pre-colored boat

DO NOT USE PEOPLE. Boat comes with 4 Bible men just the right size to cut out for the boat! You decide on who they are based on the Bible story you are using.

Grades: 2through 6th grade

Paul's Missionary journey to Malta, Paul's Shipwreck

Acts 27 Paul take a voyage, Paul is shipwrecked

Copy of all pages for each student
Glue (white glue preferred, but glue stick will work)
String, wire, or thin ribbon (NOT YARN -needs to be smooth)
2 pennies per ship (Balancing cargo)
Masking tape or other tape to stick string to table
Used paper to crumple for rocks

Print enough copies of the boat for each child. Get other supplies

You might want to test your selection of string, wire or ribbon before class to be sure the ship slides easily.















Instructions for building the sailing ship:

1. If you've chosen the black and white version, color the boat. Put your name on the bottom of the boat. Do not color where it says, "Glue"

if you have chosen the pre-colored version, Put your name on the bottom of the boat, then you can color the fish or go right to step 2.

2. Cut out the boat and both sail parts on the heavy lines. It's pretty easy.

3. Fold both the sails on all the dashed lines.

4. Put glue on the rectangle that says "glue"

5. The 2 sail pieces will become one sail: Overlap the matching end piece from the other sail all the way to the dashed line. This makes the bottom of the sail.

6. Put glue on the 2 triangle flaps that say "Glue"

7. Match the very top of the mast back-to-back from each side. Bring the matching unglued triangle flap over the glue on each side. Do it carefully. (there should be a slight space between the tops of the masts.)

8. Stand up the sail. If the sail leans, pull up the flaps and match them together better. (This is a good reason to use white glue instead of a glue stick)

9. Fold the boat base on all the dashed lines
10. Check that your folds are good-(for crisp folds, after you have folded it once, pinch your fingers along the fold and gently pull the paper through.).

11. Punch the hole in the bow and the hole in the stern
(back end and front of ship)

12. Glue the 4 flaps on the boat base


13.The rounded "Bow" flaps go under the sides at the front. The squarish flaps go under the sides at the back of the boat.

14. Get the sail. Put a little glue on the bottom of the sail - the part that it stands on. Put the entire sail in the boat! Center it side-to-side for good balance.



15. Get your string - at least 6 feet of it (maximum 9 feet) . Put the string through the bow, run it through the sail, and out the stern: Knot a loop at the end of the string out the stern. (To hang onto and keep from falling back through the ship)

16. Glue 2 pennies in the boat, as shown, which can be said to be cargo, but they balance the ship. Center the pennies from side-to-side.

17 Tape the Stern (Front)end of the string to the end of the table.

18. Crumple used paper into "Rocks" . Pile the reef rocks at the string at the table's end.

19. Pull your boat back to the loop end of the string.

20. Raise the string (The higher you raise it, the faster it will go)

Try to knock the rocks off the table.


Black and White Set

Color Set