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Bible Boat

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Children's Bible lesson boat for Jesus Stories, the disciples
and Paul's Missionary journey's ship

What a great, easy and fun craft for girls and boys! Boats are frequently mentioned in Jesus stories. Jesus teaches from a boat. Several disciples had been fishermen. A boat is significant in the story when Jesus walks on water and calls Peter to get out of the boat and walk on it too! Jesus shows some of his great power when he calms the storm that's rocking the boat. Jesus helps the fishing when he tells Peter, who is in the boat, to "cast your nets".
Paul used boats and sailing ships on his missionary journeys, and this boat can be used for those stories too - including Paul's shipwreck story! You can use this for learning several of the Apostles too - Which Apostles were fishermen?


A boat for Jesus, Peter or the disciples who were fishermen or a sailing ship for Paul.

Build the boat with or without the sail!

Make with or without people for it!

Assembly and cutting are pretty easy!

Choose Word or Web versions!

Choose from 2 versions of the boat: Get the un-colored or pre-colored boat

Multi-use Bible story craft - see details below.

Boat comes with 4 Bible men just the right size to cut out for the boat! You decide on who they are based on the Bible story you are using. Cut as few or as many Bible men as you need!

The net is optional - not necessary unless you have time to find the material

For the most famous Old Testament boat, see our Noah's Ark.

Grades: (k) 1through 5th grade

New Testament stories of Jesus, the disciples, and Paul

Matthew 4:21 Jesus chooses disciples - Fishers of men
Matthew 8:24 Jesus calms the storm
Matthew 13:2 Mark 4:1 Luk 5:3 Jesus Teaches from a boat
Mark 6:49 Jesus walks on the water and gets into the boat, Peter walks on water - for a little while.
John 21:3-6 Peter goes fishing - cast your nets!
Acts 27 Paul take a voyage, Paul is shipwrecked


Complete Bible boat references are at the end of this page.


Copy of all pages for each student
Glue (white glue preferred, but glue stick will work)
Netting material

Print enough copies of the boat for each child.


If you have lead time, you can enhance the activity with a little bit of fishing net. Many fruits (oranges, tangerines) and vegetables (potatoes) come in bags suitable to be fishing nets for this size boat. You only need a stretched 2 inch square for each child. One bag will get you many nets.

If you don't have time to shop, or choose not to, you can make a net with a paper punch. Better yet, have the children take turns making their net, while others make the boat. Then trade off. Cut 2 inch squares of paper. Fold in half. Paper punch away from all sides BUT SPACE THE HOLES APART. CAREFULLY open the paper and you'll have a reasonable net. Remember to space your holes apart or the fish would swim through!




Instructions for building the Bible boat - Bible sailing ship:
Some fishing boats did have sails!

1. If you've chosen the black and white version, color the boat, and the mast.Put your name on the bottom of the boat. Do not color where it says, "Glue"

if you have chosen the pre-colored version, Put your name on the bottom of the boat, then you can color the fish or go right to step 2.

2. Cut out the boat and both sail parts. It's pretty easy.

3. Fold both the sails on all the dashed lines.

4. Put glue on the rectangle that says "glue"

5. The 2 sail pieces will become one sail: Overlap the matching end piece from the other sail all the way to the dashed line. This makes the bottom of the sail.

6. Put glue on the 2 triangle flaps that say "Glue"

7. Match the very top of the mast back-to-back from each side. Bring the matching unglued triangle flap over the glue on each side. Do it carefully. (there should be a slight space between the tops of the masts.)

8. Stand up the sail. If the sail leans, pull up the flaps and match them together better. (This is a good reason to use white glue instead of a glue stick)

9. Fold the boat base on all the dashed lines
10. Check that your folds are good-(for crisp folds, after you have folded it once, pinch your fingers along the fold and gently pull the paper through.). Glue the 4 flaps on the boat base



11.The rounded "Bow" flaps go under the sides at the front. The squarish flaps go under the sides at the back of the boat.

12. Get the sail. Put a little glue on the bottom of the sail - the part that it stands on. Put the entire sail in the boat!

You're done!

(unless you want to add the people or the net)

Putting Bible people in the boat:

It's up to you who goes in the boat. There are 4 Bible people to choose from - all on one page - enough for Peter and Jesus or Paul's missionary journeys with his companions.

This versatile boat Bible craft can be used with or without the sail, depending on what Bible story you are using. You can make this Bible boat without any people if you wish.

This boat is an especially favorite Bible craft for boys, but girls will enjoy it too.

Black and White Set

Color Set