3D Manger for Baby Jesus

3D Manger for Baby Jesus

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Children's Bible Lesson Support for the Nativity - the real Christmas Story
- Make a Manger for Baby Jesus

How to make the manger for baby Jesus - both pre-colored version and manger to color

2 easy-cut, easy construction pieces
3D Manger for Baby Jesus


Easy to make manger for baby Jesus. It has little lambs sleeping underneath the manger. My special cutting instructions to make it easy for the children to cut.

Bonus paper baby Jesus included, but you may use any other baby Jesus craft you like.

A manger is a trough for horse and cattle food - usually hay, or dry grasses or grains. Since Joseph and Mary were staying in a stable (or cave) where animals were kept, they likely would have had a manger in their space. When cleaned out, it would have been a likely safe place to lay the baby down to sleep.

Grades K -3 (early 4th)
Grades P3 if teacher pre-cuts or helps with cutting

New Testament, Nativity, Christmas Story Craft

Luke 2: 7

Copy of the activity page for each student
Choose the pre-colored version
or the black and white manger to color
White Glue (or tacky glue)
Crayons preferred , but Markers will do
Clear tape (backup for wet glue)
Kleenex optional to pad the manger; wrap the baby

Print or print and copy activity page for each student and one for the teacher.

Please do in this order so some parts have a chance to dry or the glue to set-up first.

1. Cut out both pieces for the manger

TEACHER SUGGESTION: Tell the children to cut across the paper between the two manger pieces FIRST. It will be another way to make the cutting easier to work with smaller pieces.
TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS: Read and show the children the easy cutting instructions printed on the page. It is a good idea for you to actually take out your scissors and show them. Cut in along the line at one arrow all the way into the sharp corner (you can even overcut a little and it will be ok), pull out the scissors and cut in along the line at the other arrow until you get to the sharp corner. The piece should fall out. Do the same thing all around both pieces.

1a. if you are using the black and white version, you can color the "Wood" parts of the manger. Look carefully. For the top, it is the ends and sides; for the base, it is the legs and lamb. Do not color the glue tabs.

2. Fold both pieces on all the dotted lines.
3. Cover the glue tabs on the manger top with glue.
4. bring the glue tab under the manger end all the way to the dotted line and press for a moment.(It will be at an angle)
5. Do the same thing all around the manger top.
6. Repeat the same process for the manger bottom base.
7. Set both pieces aside for a moment to setup if not dry.
8. Cut out the baby Jesus, color any parts of the baby you prefer.
9. If the glue has set, continue. If the glue has not set, either wait, or tape over the glue tabs on the inside of the manger and base.
10. Set the manger base on the table so the lambs are sleeping right-side up. The LEG SECTION text should be visible on top. Put glue in the text LEG SECTION area.
11. Stick the manger top on top with the open area up.
12. Allow the glue to set up. This should stand by itself easily.
13. Use half a kleenex to pad the manger for the baby - just crumple it up.
14. Use the other half of the kleenex to wrap the baby. The baby is already wrapped in "Bands of cloth" or swaddling cloths, so you are adding more soft cloth.

 Get a manger page for each student. The baby will print out automatically on page 2