The 12 Tribes Cube

The 12 Tribes Cube

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12 Tribes of Israel Learning Cube and Reviewing Cube

Learn the names of the 12 tribes of Israel which means the 12 sons of Jacob.

Learn small groups or clusters of names with the Learning Cube and review using the Review Cube!

Later, you can also put it all together using our other activity - the Patriarchs and 12 Tribes Family Tree.

Print the cubes in color or black and white.

The heads of the 12 tribes of Israel are also known as the 12 sons of Jacob.

There is a special square on the cube to list the patriarchs. If you are not learning the patriarchs, advise the class this is the father, grandfather and great grandfather of the heads of the 12 tribes:
Father- Israel (known previously as Jacob)
Grandfather - Isaac
Great Grandfather - Abraham.



Grades: (late) 2 through 8

12 Tribes of Israel
(also known as the 12 sons of Jacob)

Print in black and white or color.

Choose plain text version or visual clues version.


Background: A patriarch was a man who had authority over an entire extended family – including children and children’s families (grandchildren’s families) onto their children (great grandchildren’s families) too. It means the male ruler of a family, clan, tribe or similar related group. Technically, the 12 sons become the patriarchs of their individual 12 tribes, when Isaac and Jacob (Israel) are dead. The 12 tribes also became known as "houses". For instance, Judah's family is the "House of of Judah" and Jesus was prophesied to stem from "The house and lineage of Judah".

"Father Abraham" begins God's chosen family of people. Abraham is the root! God promises him that his family will become a great nation.

Genesis 17: 5 God renames Abram to Abraham
Genesis 17: 6, 7, 8 God promises Abraham that his family will be a       great nation - even though he and his wife have no children yet.

The family grows and moves on through Abraham's son Isaac and then to Jacob who becomes named Israel. He has 12 sons. Each son becomes the head of a tribe of Israel named aft them.

This is available in the Patriarchs and 12 Tribes Bible reference table download.


Print in black and white or color!

Material Checklist
Print or copy which Learning Cube you prefer for each student - PRINT on heaviest paper possible.
One copy of the review cube for the class will do - otherwise one for each student
Pencils or pens or fineline markers
Glue stick
Clear Tape


Above: 12 Tribes Learning Cube

Above: 12 Tribes Learning Cube with Visual Clues.




1. Print the learning cube you prefer for each student - either the plain text one, or the one with visual clues. The construction instructions are the same.

2. Cut out the basic shape on all SOLID OUTSIDE LINES. Be sure to cut into the corners all the way!

3. Fold on ALL dashed lines. Press the folds so the fold edges are "Sharp" rather that "Rounded". 4. Double check that you have folded on ALL dashes. The shape should start to close up as shown above.

5. Glue on all the flowers with the word "Glue" on the tab. Match the sides and fold up the box - tuck in the glued tabs. Put your finger in the box and press the glue tab in place

Thin paper will make this somewhat difficult or floppy. So the heavier weight paper you can use the better.

6. If you are in a hurry, or for some reason the glue is not sticking. Use a small piece of clear tape over outside edges to keep them in place until the glue sets.


7. You're done 8. Roll the cube. Memorize the number and names that appear "up" on the cube! Roll again and learn more small groups or clusters of names.
9. Expect it to get "weathered and worn" from use - that's great really!  




1. cut and make the Review Cube exactly the same way you made the learning cube. It only has the numbers on each side of the cube. (There is only one version of the Review Cube)

2. When done, roll the cube and from memory, tell the names of those people whose number appears "up" on the cube!