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Welcome Students Sunday School Poster with fish and cross symbols. Space for teachers names.

Colored and uncolored versions.


Alphabet Pennants

welcome pennants


Bulletin board or room decoration for Rally Day, Holidays, Events, Church Seasons, or whatever you want!

Full set alphabet plus some punctuation, blank pennant cross and fish pennants.

Just print and cut. Do more if you want -or not.

You can do it or make it a class project.


Welcome to God's House

welcome 6 welcome 8

My Father's house has many tooms

Welcome in the spirit of the Bible! and a reminder that Sunday School is a part of God's house and this is your place in it.

all k and up

Standing Nameplate
Standing Nameplate
Student Identification Alternative to name tags gr 1-8

Angel wings name tags!


(Pilot wing nametags)

Cool identity tags can be worn with yarn or pinback.

Use the blank wings as angel wing name tags.

Vacation Bible Squadron VBS identification or plain ones to customize yourself.

Just like flying aces of old and today!

Grade 1 and up without cutting help.

(For younger kids need to pre-cut.)

Sunday School Awards or Bible Medals Colorful way to mark achievements or attendance awards. Blank paper medal can be completed with a single word, like "Trust" or "Faith" or book of the Bible name, or whatever. Can be made to go on a "Salad Bar" or individual pinbacks.
Awards ideas provided or for whatever you want to use them for

Grade 1 and up without cutting help.

Dual purpose - real ruler and lesson aid! Need a ruler for each student? Print and cut out these 6 inch rulers - with space to write in the rule! Print in color or black and white. gr 2-8
Display stand for posters and other any standard paper including worksheets, activity instructions, pictures, holiday greetings, topic of the day, our small church seasons wheel, or most anything you can imagine! Make this sturdy, multi-purpose stand-up easel. Use when wall space is not available for room decorations or posters or when you want to have topic specific information on the children's worktable. Vertical or horizontal. Any
Welcome to a new Sunday School class Welcome to Sunday School Rally Day Poster 8.5 x 11inch. Space for teacher name. Pre-colored and un colored versions. All
Disciples and symbols

Large, flexible use paper fish to color or already colored fish with disciples names, but also blank fish for any other purpose.

Cut them out individually and arrange them however you like.

Use as bulletin board decoration or teaching aid.

P4-gr 8
Sunday School Room tree has many classroom uses except family tree (leafless) Multipurpose tree Poster in standard paper and HUGE size. Use for Books of the Bible, Disciples, Children's names and more! All

Student Identification, family tree, or any other desired Sunday School purpose Use as Name tags or tree hangings. 6 Apples to a page. Colored and ready-to-color apples. All
Have the children decorate month pages on Rally Day or prepare it yourself beforehand.

Month-by-month attendance chart to decorate. Includes Attendance Leaders summary pages too.

Attendance chart to color or cut out pictures and past on top to represent either church seasons or secular seasons (non-church seasons)

It's great to encourage attendance, but be careful not to embarrass

Nursery through adult
Decorate this with a festive or churchy decoration or have a student decorate it. Share each students special day! Great Rally day project to get to know your class. And how special if you have 2 birthdays on the same day! nursery to adult
Something different How can you get to know your class better? Find out about their brothers and sisters! Who knows who? Who have you taught? Who will you teach in the future? K through 8
Rally Day or anytime getting to know your class

Self Protrait - My Face to color!

Simple, pretty fast thing to do that helps to get the know your students. Looks very decorative on the wall especially the first few weeks of Sunday School before you have topical material to put up.



Sacred Seasons based on the Liturgical Calendar Student participation activity in learning about your church year . This church seasons wheel is standard paper size for individual use or with our table top easel. (See below for larger one) 2-8

Sacred Seasons and the Liturgical Calendar Bulletin Board size church seasons wheel - date specific. Dates provided in separate table for current year. Same as above but very large 1-8

Christmas symbols and greetings on chain links

Great room decoration, or common area tree decoration or time filler!

Each link with a symbol or message.

Christmas chains to color or already colored. Make a few or as many links as you have time for!

Easy Preschool version

and 3 older kids versions

Originally a lesson from the prophet Micah We can multi-purpose these posters and learning activity if you need to slow your kids down in the Sunday School Hallways.Walk Humbly implies respect.

Preschool (simplified)

thru 8th grade

Using scissors safely and easily - Tricks and tips for teachers to share with children. Teacher instructions with photos for cutting made easy for kids and teachers! P3-8
Prepare for Sunday School teaching! What every teacher should have available every Sunday! The essential teacher toolbox. Sunday School Teachers Kit for smooth running Sundays! If your church cannot provide the essentials for you, build your own toolbox and save a lot of running around and headaches! All
Jesus king of kings - Palm Sunday, Easter or anytime study of Jesus Large symbol crown to use as coloring page or bulletin board decoration. Symbols explained. option for older kids to cut it out. Glitter is a great option too. Any

Symbols and icons activity and coloring pages

Lesson help: Learn how "icons" have regained popularity from ancient church icons to today's computer desktop icons!

Learn the mystery of the hidden meaning of the picture.

Tell and show about symbols and icons today and yesterday in our everyday lives and in the church

These Peace on earth coloring pages and activity can be used at Christmas or anytime you are studying church symbols

Gr 2-6
Large format blocks for posters, messages, signs, and plaques

Large multi-purpose paper alphabet blocks. Really easy to use. Colored and uncolored paper blocks to cut and make into beautiful messages.

Your choice of our frames or use on something else. Very trendy. Spacing guides on our frames.

Gr 2-6

OT or NT Bible Crown

Use for Saul, David, Solomon, Wisemen, Jesus, Queen Esther, or any other Bible king or queen.

Make this magnificent paper crown!

Easy cut, easy glue, no coloring, paper - ready-to-go crown bursting with precious jewels.


God gives Israel kings: Saul, David, Solomon

Christmas' 3 Kings

Jesus is king

anointing vs crowning

Very easy to cut and make

4 Versions: Fully colored , partially colored, and totally plain to get creative and decorate as you please. Fits just about everyone.

God's kings wore crowns


P4 to grade 4
Both prayer and Lent are tied to the pretzel! Have some folding fun. Super easy learning aid. (just follow the instructions) The pretzel serves as a reminder for prayer in any church season. Gr 3-6

Game cube: Handy cross between a game spinner and dice.

Keep a few copies on hand for whatever the day may bring!

Super easy cut, fold and glue. Roll it out to choose sequences, game moves, and other instances when you would need a game spinner or dice. K-12

Jesus calling the disciples.


Room poster for calling the 12. Jesus casts a net. Each fish is a disciple. Space to personalize if you wish. A unique visual for studying the apostles.



8th grade

Learning the New Testament disciples

Jesus' Apostle Team


Lively and colorful poster that goes with what might be called our 12 Apostles Rap on the New Testament Menu page.

Easily learn the names of the 12 disciples.


The basic circle is a symbol for God.

It's useful and adaptable to many uses

Versitile simple 3 piece wreath base for many applications or holidays.

Lots of ideas to spark your imagination.

9 and a half inches wide, but you can reduce it on any copy machine.

k to adult

The Glitter Pan

glitter box

Teacher information

How to use glitter

How to apply glitter

Solutions and tips for avoiding the mess and making glittering easy.