Interactive Sunday School Games

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The 12 Apostles Interactive Program 1-8

Creation Review Game Interactive Program 3-8

Companion Creation Lesson On-line lesson, not interactive 3-8

Teacher Note: Is your Sunday School equipped with an on-linecomputer lab? If so, we welcome you to use our free Sunday school computer programs - our Sunday school interactive programs and on-line learning progams with your class. We are kid friendly, kid safe, and do not use flash or other required external programs. The Creation Game Review and the Apostle Program use sound and animation that will run on most reasonably new computers without external speakers and both are lots of fun and a good learning aid.

If you only have access to one on-line computer for your Sunday School class, gather 'round the computer and do the Creation game. Take a consensus for the answer and see what happens! Take turns at the controls!

If you don't have access to a computer for your Sunday School class, ask people in the congregation to bring in their laptops and participate with you. The laptop owner can run the laptop while the kid's decide on the answer to be chosen. A great Sunday School intergenerational activity.

Our kid's Sunday School interactive programs, games and lessons were made to be shared with Sunday School children.