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Old Testament Bible Sunday School activities

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Make a tent for many Old Testament Patriarchs, Exodus, or any Bible story that includes a tent. Easy, cool, story support activity. Tent can be used separate from people. May be used with many other Bible stories including Moses and the Exodus, Joseph. Tent and people stand-up easily  

OT David and Goliath

Self-standing proportional figures for enacting the story. No paper towel or other tubes required. Learn that God can help YOU with BIG Problems. Goliath was a big problem for Saul's army. God gave David the brain power to figure out a way to overcome Goliath in a super simple way!

Can be used as David and Goliath coloring pages or get the quick craft already colored version.

or teacher can make a set for younger classes

OT David and Goliath Lesson support questions and objectives plus doodle in the gear that David used to fight Goliath. Determine how and why David got in the position to face off with Goliath and other issues. 2-6

Jacob's Ladder, the dream and angels.

Build a sturdy paper ladder and attach the angels. Most kids will have particular fun in creating the stone Jacob used for a pillow.

The entire Bible story is included.

It's easier than you think and adaptable for varaious grade levels.

Requires only basic cutting skills and the ability to fold paper.



Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the 12 sons of Jacob known as the 12 Tribes of israel

In order of their birth, learn the names of Jacob's children who head the 12 Tribes of Israel. Learn what and who are the Patriarchs. Learn the name changes that create the foundation of the family of Israel.

Includes Bible references on the tree and separately.

Poster and tree to be completed by students.

Gr (late 2) to 8

The 12 Tribes of Israel Fun craft, activity and review of the 12 Tribes of Israel in small clusters of names. Brief history of the family and Bible reference aid. We offer an additional visual clue cube for younger grades. PLUS a review cube to keep you on your toes.

Our cubes have proved to be a great way to learn long lists of uncommon words or names.

Gr 2 to 8

Old Testament 3D craft Fun way to memorize OT Books of the Bible Reading ability

Old Testament


Garden of Eden

3 Variations of the serpent - snake
Easy- fun for boys especially!

The Devil, temptation and sin are all enveloped in the idea of the Serpent - snake in the Garden of Eden. use as a tool for helping overcome sin and temptation.

Moses' brother Aaron's rod (staff) becomes a mighty serpent

Gr 3-6

Old Testament Major Prophets

Major Prophets Poster - 2 versions - a colored one and a poster to color.

Kid's may know the word "Jedi" from Star Wars. Could there have been an intentional tie?

Old Testament Minor prophet Micah

Dual purpose Poster.

Learn the lesson from Micah about what God expects of us.

Useful as a reminder to actually walk in the church building.

(Coloring only) through 8 (including message or free drawing)

Noah Craft: 3D boat with talking points. Build Noah's ark. (k)123(4)

Old Testament-Moses Craft - Realistic baby Moses in 3D basket (k)123(4)

Moses and the people of israel-Let my people go Moses and 10 plagues of Egypt creative craft. Thoughtful points to discuss. Great, simple standup frog. Cut, fold and go. older K thru grade 4
Creation Imagination activity with discussion points Gr 4-8

Genesis So many Bible stories! So many people! Easy Bible Story finder. Find where people are in the Bible. Have each child keep their copy of our Bible Story Finder handy during your Old Testament studies. Use it with whatever version of the Bible you use. Gr 2-8

God created everything - Genesis 1 & 2 Learning Activity: God is the source of everything we have. Follow the trail (or links) from things we buy or have back to their origin - God - to learn why we thank God for everything. Gr 3-8

OT or NT Bible Crown

Use for Saul, David, Solomon, Wisemen, Jesus, Queen Esther, or any other Bible king or queen.

Make this crown and wear it!

Easy cut, easy glue, no coloring, ALL PAPER- ready-to-go crown bursting with precious jewels!

Requires a color printer for best results.


Noah's dove
Dove of the Psalms
Double wing hanging dove. This really easy to cut and glue, versatile dove can be used for many Old Testament Bible stories.  

God gives Israel kings:

Anointing vs crowning

Some of God's kings wore crowns!

4 crown pattern versions: Fully colored, partially colored with jewels, and totally plain to decorate as you please (older kids).

Make a crown. Very easy to cut and make. Fits just about everyone. Some can be printed and used as they are. Others can be colored or bejeweled as you prefer.

Can also be used for New Testament Kings