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12 Apostles Learning Craft - Hands-on learning and memorization aid. 2-4+

12 Apostles


Rhythm learning aid-
The first 3 sets are said as letters, then say the word, end with "and" (the letter) M.

Great aid in easily memorizing and Learning the first 12 disciples. This has a learning rhythm kids will take to! Fun individual or group activity. Plus Review Activity Worksheet!

(see also our interactive program on the first 12 Disciples - the Apostles)

AKA our Apostles Rap Rhythm Key

3-8 + HS

Being a Christian:

Jesus' Golden Rule

Do unto others . . .

Print actual size 6 inch ruler to write in the words of the Golden Rule. Printable Bible text and study help to find the Golden Rule! grades 2-8

Being a Christian:

Poster and worksheets on kindness

Using both Ephesians and the Golden Rule worksheet to discuss to understand kindness
- get an e-ticket which is a pun on "etiquette"

Jesus calling the disciples.


Room poster for calling the 12. Jesus casts a net. Each fish is a disciple. Space to personalize if you wish. A unique visual for studying the apostles.



8th grade

Disciples and symbols

Large, flexible use paper fish to color or already colored fish with disciples names, but also blank fish for any other purpose.

Use as bulletin board decoration or teaching aid.

P4-gr 8

Symbols and icons activity and coloring pages

Lesson help: Learn how "icons" have regained popularity from ancient church icons to today's computer desktop icons!

Young people learn the mystery of the hidden meaning of the picture.

Tell and show about symbols and icons today and yesterday in our everyday lives and in the church

These Peace on earth coloring pages and activity can be used at Christmas or anytime you are studying church symbols

Gr 2-6
Jesus king of kings Large symbol crown to use as coloring page or bulletin board decoration. Symbols explained. option for older kids to cut it out. Glitter is a great option too. Any
12 Apostles poster Lively and colorful poster that goes with what might be called the 12 Apostles Rap above.

Get it out in front of the class to remind them each week of this great team that worked for Jesus.

Also Apostle poster to color.
3-8 + HS

Saul becomes the Apostle Paul Complete Bible Lesson as activity on the great change in the life of the Apostle Paul. Find out who this guy was and what he did before his amazing conversion! Find out the job God had in store for him. 3-8

Jesus Miracles - Feeding the 5,000 Gain understanding about Jesus' POWER in this easy and fun 2 part Jesus activity which includes realistic coloring page and optional 5,000 people project. Teacher discussion guide included. (P4) K- gr 4

Jesus New Testament symbols Activity Multipurpose worksheet of symbols of the church that are used throughout the year- symbols of Jesus ministry, message and purpose, birth, life, death and resurrection. The purpose is to know what these things mean when they are seen in the church or in relation to church life.
Can then be cut apart as ornaments on cross or tree.

This Jesus focused activity includes teacher answer sheet.


Jesus chooses disciples

Jesus calms the storm from the boat

Jesus teaches from a boat

Jesus walks on the water

Peter walks on the water

Peter goes fishing - cast your nets!

Paul take a voyage
Paul's Missionary journeys (not shipwreck)

Multipurpose 3-D fishing boat or sailboat with Bible people that fit in the boat.

Easy to cut and glue.

This Bible boat is versatile! It can be used with or without the sail. With or without nets. With or without people.

Grades 1-5

Paul is shipwrecked
Acts 27
Have a riot! This is great fun. Same easy basic boat as above with a few twists and special instructions.

Reinforce what occurred with a memorable activity.

Run the ship on the reef.

Gr 2-6

Paul's missionary journeys - Malta

Paul and the Viper
Acts 28: 1-10

Great reinforcing craft they won't forget! Really easy, but very different - especially when it hangs off their finger! Gr 2-6

The empty cross, a Christian symbol Easy. 3 designs. Free-standing small 3D cross for children to take home and use in their room. A personal reminder of Jesus.  

Dove of the Spirit
Dove of Jesus' baptism
Double wing hanging dove. This versatile dove can be used for the story of Jesus' baptism, as a sign of peace, or symbol of the spirit. Easy to cut and glue.Very little coloring. K-5

Excellent multipurpose learning project

From the caterpillar to the butterfly Resurrection and miracles

Taking time to look!
Looking skills
Learning skills
Cutting skills

Discussion points provided so you can talk about the caterpillar as part of understanding miracles or understanding the resurrection
P3, P4, K and different version Gr 1,2,3

Books of the Bible

New Testament

Learn the names and sequence of the Bible books in small groups that makes it much easier than a single long list. Includes hints about the groups. Includes link to our game number cube for testing your knowledge. Gr 2 to adult

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