Sunday School Crafts About Love

Children's activities and crafts about love

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Love others

God Loves you

3 different hearts to choose.

Little kids particularly love the surpise! What looks like a heart opens up to reveal a picture.

As a valentine, this surprise heart card pops open to reveal the picture of the giver. So easy and fun! Use either photo or let the student draw their own portrait.

Version "God loves me" is for a child to keep for themselves.

Gr P3-gr3

NT - love Lovely, elegant and easy card. Looks like it is more complex than it really is! gr 2-6

God Loves Me; God is Love and I Love you Easy! Medium size hearts on a string to color or already colored. Glue them on a ribbon or yarn or string - or add a magnet to hang it on the fridge!

Discussion about these 3 "loves"

P4- Gr 4

Give a message of love and thanks! Easy coloring. Easy but careful cutting for the peek-a-boo star. Gr 1-5

God is Love Full page coloring heart - cutting is optional and easy!! P3-Gr 5

I Love You Fun dots full page valentine to color - cutting is optional and easy!! P3-Gr 5

God Loves Me Full page heart to color- cutting is optional and easy! P3-Gr 5

Love, God's Love (and the trinity) Similar to Celtic Knots, these hearts can be used as lesson support for the Trinity and God's love. For the love of people, they can be used as unusual valentines. Bible references and knot info. Gr 3-8

Kids Craft that's a Useful Gift

3 different valentine sets with hearts

It couldn't be an easier kid's craft with such great results and makes a really terrific gift.

It is just 2 easy pieces. Easy cutting. Careful folding.

Bold and versitile designs

K-5th gr
Trinity, God's Love God's love depicted in the easy shamrock to construct from 3 heart leaflets. God so loved us ( the world) , he gave us Jesus. P4-gr3