Lent Crafts

Sunday School Lent and Holy Week resources for your Children's Ministry:

Children's activities and crafts about love

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OT-NT What is lent? Learn about the '40 days' of Lent including history, traditions and special days in Lent. Also fun '40' Bible facts! Gr 3-8

NT, lenten preparation - the cross: crucifixion and resurrection Fun and amazing cross craft project. Really easy, and what a suprise when you're done! No material preparation.

Get your "Ticket to Heaven!"

1-8 (k)

The Last Supper;
The first celebration of communion;
Jesus celebrates Passover; Maundy Thursday and
the 12 Apostles who shared the meal
Who shared the meal with jesus? For Christians, what were the 2 most important things served at the meal? 2 piece very large coloring page and activity. Teacher background and picture for the greatest painting of The Last Supper. 1-5


How did Jesus prepare for Easter?

What did Jesus do for Lent?


What a great learning activity!

Help solve these mysteries with Clue Cards, Teacher Discussion Guide and more.


Gr 3-8

Palm Sunday - welcome and honor Jesus Small, realistic fan Palm - with photo included. Easy and fun. Only special material is a craft stick. K, 1-5

Both prayer and Lent are tied to the pretzel! Have some folding fun. Super easy learning aid. (just follow the instructions) The pretzel serves as a reminder for prayer in any church season. gr 3-6

How the pretzel relates to Lent. Story, questions for your class, and a prayer. k,1,2,3

Palm Sunday
Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem
Easy, sturdy, blunt, cool, palm branch kids craft.
3 choices: Plain paper version to color, One side already colored version for color printer, or use the plain paper palm version and print on colored paper. Special Material: needs a straw.

Palm Sunday -welcoming and honoring Jesus

A favorite!

Really simple, fun, one-piece, 3-D palm branch. Sturdy enough to be held and waved to welcome Jesus. Unique activity coloring page base is super easy to color AND cut! Really clever kid's craft! NO SPECIAL MATERIAL AT ALL. P3-K, and Gr 1-2

Palm Sunday - Welcoming Jesus Life-like palm branch that's easy to color. P3, P4, K

NT Holy Week for younger kids

Modern day photos and picture for Holy Week and Easter made into a sequence puzzle for learning the story.

Helps younger children who don't easily understand that this did happen some 2,000 years ago!

P4, K, 1, 2

(and older P3 with help)

Holy Week events from Palm Sunday to Easter Activity review sequencing game for what happened in the week before Easter.

2 alternate play modes for different grade levels or preferences.

Gr 2-6

Meaning of Holy Week

Holy Week then and now! What is Holy Week? What does Holy Week Mean? Did Jesus celebrate Holy Week? Why is Good Friday good? Get the answers here. grade 1-8

Jesus king of kings - WELCOME THE KING Large symbol crown to use as coloring page or bulletin board decoration. Symbols explained. Option for older kids to cut it out. Glitter is a great option too. Any

Easter Basket and pop-in chick

New Life craft

Preparing for Easter:

The basket is a recepticle to accept new life- the baby chick

One piece, simple cutting and a little glue and you have a delightful Easter basket.

The cute little pop-in chick is optional - or do it another Sunday all by itself.


P4-K with a little scissors help