Thanksgiving Crafts for Sunday School

Thanksgiving Bible passages from Psalms

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Thanksgiving craft Craft- Super Turkey Table decoration - We Thank God 1-4 *P-K

Pumpkins celebrate Harvest time - a gift from God.

Harvest craft: Learn how to clean out a pumpkin. Learn how to etch a pumpkin and the difference between carving and etching.

Get our Christian pumpkin carving designs

Gr 3 to adult
A reminder for everyday and most often popular at Thanksgiving. Super easy 2 piece paper Give Thanks banner hangs on a paper "rope". Looks great and quite a different thing to make. Can be hung from the fridge door with any magnet, or hang it on a wall or door with tape!

K (if cutters)

thru 3rd grade.

Thanksgiving or Autumn Coloring page Applies the Harvest theme and explains these Christian symbols for younger children. P3-Grade 2
Celebrate autumn, and the beauty of God's earth. Kids craft that you won't believe is not a real leaf wreath. Photo leaves. All paper. Separate wreath base. A real beauty when done. No coloring needed. Can you identify the leaves? gr 2-6
We thank the Lord; We ask the Lord's Blessing, and We thank God. Messages for your thanksgiving table.

For Thanksgiving and everyday. Easy to color and cut. Easy to stand up. One partially colored.

pumpkin blessing colored

The pumpkin shape is easy but looks especially nice.


Thanksgiving table decoration.

Thanksgiving Craft with your special message.

Fun all paper sit-up 3-D turkey.

Based on the special Arizona blue Gould Turkey, the long braided legs are paper. The colored version has a blue body and head, while the turkey to color can be anything you want it to be.

If your craft time is short, You may want to cut on one Sunday and assemble on another. Or go to the coloring page below with extended legs.

Grade 1 (slower) thru adult

Best Grades 2-6

Thanksgiving coloring page with a twist.

Turkey coloring page with a message.

Turkey coloring page with added simple cutting. Cut out legs and hat. Glue and let the legs dangle off the paper!

Added activity information to do while making your turkey.

It's a hoot! Simple but distinctive and a lot of fun.

Early cutting skills through 2nd or younger 3rd grade
Thanksgiving activity, Harvest Craft Smile! God gave us pumpkins and other food to eat. Really easy! 4 Versions. Separate instructions for your grade! Options for activity time and materials to add pizazz! Gr 1-4 ver & P-K ver

Thanksgiving craft and Learning Activity Delightful stand-up roll people/role people to make with our without a TP tube. Unique discussion information children can take home to share about these First Thanksgiving people that can grace any table. Pre-colored and version to color. Grade 1-4 but P4 and K can do pre-colored version with some help
Autumn or Thanksgiving activity Easy-to-make animated flip book with pumpkin carving and prayer. Uses same principle as cartooning!

Grade 1-4

(K with a little help)

Craft and History of the Cornucopia and the Horn of plenty reminding us to thank God for all our bounty. One of the most recognizable symbols of Thanksgiving in an easy-to-make horn and outstanding fall harvest fruits and vegetables. Top off this Thanksgiving table decoration with our special prayer.
Horn of Plenty to color or pre-colored version.

Thanking God for all we have. Great for beginners with scissors. EASY CUTTING simple shape fruit and vegetables to fill the flat paper horn! Color and glue and discussion tips too. (version already colored also) Preschool and kindergarten
Horn of Plenty to thank God for all he provides for us. Easy Thanksgiving coloring page with dotted words to trace and information about what this is.

(P3) P4-1 (2)


Personal, hidden Thanksgiving message too!

Four different, sturdy paper friendship bracelets with outward messages of thanks and appropriate symbols. Put your personal words of thanks on the inside.

Super easy. Looks good! Discussion starter to talk about the symbols and what we are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Crossword Investigate the traditions of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving dinner. Talking points included - like what is a giblet? See how the Pilgrims spelled the food names. What do we celebrate on Thanksgiving? 2-6

Histories of Thanksgiving Which Thanksgiving was really first? 3-8

Thanksgiving List: Count your blessings and thankful prayer Thinking activity! Part for the class to share and part that is private for each student. Build a class list and personal list of what we are thankful for and then put together a prayer of thanks. Discussion points/guidance included. 2-7

Thanksgiving craft activity Craft - Big, colorful and sturdy sunflower to show thankfulness. Easy, 3 dimensional, realistic!. To personalize with your own message. K, 1-3 Preschool 4 with word help

Thanksgiving message Easy to cut craft, but challenging to write in the round! Artistic coloring instructions for realistic autumn leaves. Create individual Thanksgiving messages or use our suggestions. 1-5

Thanksgiving activity Thanksgiving coloring page, activity and discussion that shows the relationship of what we have on our table - turkey, corn, and pumpkin pie - to the fact that it all comes from God even though your mom or grandma or aunt cooks it all! P3 to Grade 3

Thanksgiving dinner prayer and place mats.

(May be used as Thanksgiving coloring pages or worksheets)

4 versions of Thanksgiving place mats. One with special Thanksgiving prayer, and one where you can write your own Thanksgiving prayer (or as a class). Talking points included.

Making the bridge from God to all we have.
Early Preschool through 5th grade

Thanksgiving, Thank God for everything
God Provides

God created everything - Genesis 1 & 2

Learning Activity: God is the source of everything we have. Follow the trail (or links) from things we buy or have back to their origin - God - to learn why we thank God for everything. 3-8

Thanksgiving or Autumn activity

Can also be used to make autumn wreaths.

Make a classroom Thanksgiving Tree. Each leaf has something a student is thankful for. Choose colored leaves or leaves to color. Choose our paper poster tree (from Sunday School room decorations) or a real tree branch. 1-4 (6)

The basic circle is a symbol for God.

It's useful and adaptable to many uses.

Versitile simple 3 piece wreath base for many applications or holidays.

Lots of ideas to spark your imagination.


Tips for using scissors and easy methods for cutting!