Summer Sunday School Ideas

Sunday school Mother's Day crafts

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Faith is believing in things not seen.

Use as Vacation Bible Squadron equipment or superhero goggles.

What a hoot!

Be an ace flyer with these psuedo 1940's pilots goggles! They shouldn't fall off, because the band goes all the way around - just like real flying goggles.

Make them with or without lenses. They are just as much fun.

Grade 2 and up without cutting help.

Smaller size for aids to pre-cut.

Pilot's wings or Angel wings name tags!

Cool identity tags can be worn with yarn or pinback.

Vacation Bible Squadron VBS identification or plain ones to customize yourself.

Just like flying aces of old and today!

Or use the blank ones as angel wing name tags.

Grade 1 and up without cutting help.

Smaller size for aids to pre-cut.

Go fishing and learn or refresh learned disciples names.

Multi-purpose fish and crown, but here used to go fishing for disciples. (No magnet needed as in most games).

Educational and fun! Can be competitive.


Edible arts and crafts project.

Fun Summer Sunday School treat or VBS snack. A mix of sweet and salty that kids can build.

Gr k-7
Floats down to earth! Get out those thin grocey bags (or do you call them a sack or carrier bag?) Get a bit of string and have a summer toss up. The higher the fall, the better they glide! Both boys and girls enjoy them.

late Gr 1 with a bit of help,

Grade 2-7

Wing message: God Loves Me Super easy, one piece paper airplane that zooms in the air with a message of God's Love! Gr 1-7

Celebrate the beauty of the earth!


Daisy Mum is a flower that will last quite a while! (Requires new pencils, but no watering!)

Used for Mother's Day and Summer.

Resurrection, creation or celebrating summer in God's World.

Each butterfly uses 3 pipe cleaners and a small piece of cloth or wrapping paper. Pretty simple yet really cute. Get different cloths for the wings to appeal to boys and girls.

Pilots Medals, or Bible Medals, attendance medals or awards for whatever you want to use them for Colorful way to mark achievements or attendance. Blank Medal can be completed with a single word, like "Trust" or "Faith" or whatever. Can be made to go on a "Salad Bar" or individual pinbacks.

Grade 1 and up without cutting help.

God Bless America Authentic Flag coloring page

The right proportions, the right number of stripes in the right place and 50 stars in place too. Red stripes are identified with faint R for coloring red.

Use fine point markers to color the field of blue.

Meaning and our nations flag's symbolism included.

Gr: pre school 4 thru 7th