Sunday School Christmas Crafts

Christmas Sunday School activities

. topic activity type. sunday school grades

Advent Christmas Holy Family 3 easy piece paper stand-up block-like pillars. Not cubes, but diamond shaped and diagonal faced to create a completely different arrangement of the Holy Family. There are two versions available - a Holy Family to color creatively or an already colored version for faster completion. Simple straight line cutting and folding. k-6
Christmas symbols and greetings on chain links

Great room decoration, or common area tree decoration or time filler!

Each link with a symbol or message.

Christmas chains to color or already colored.

Easy Preschool version

and 3 older kids versions through 5th grade

Share the joy of Christmas

Paper banner in 3 easy pieces - Easy enough for children with only beginner cutting skills, but nice enough and interesting for older kids.

This is an all paper "instant activity"

Ask why we have joy at Christmas?

Can hang on doorknob, wall, fridge or anywhere.

P4 - gr 4
Celebrate the Family at Christmas - a work of art!

Great kids Christmas craft that embraces the entire family.

Your students relate their family's joy at Christmas. Works for large or tiny families.

Many design choices plus a take-home note showing where it can be hung at home.


gr 1-5
The special words of Christmas

Color or decorate the paper banners that show the messages of Christmas.

Bible references provided so you can talk to the children about why these words are part of Christmas.


Advent Christmas activity

Photo realistic tree with symbols to decorate already embedded.

12 individuals sections combine to make this huge 2 foot by almost 3 foot wall or door decoration.

As a class project there are multiple pieces requiring classmates to communicate and cooperate to complete.

Use as-is or give it pizazz and sparkle with glitter or other razzle-dazzle bitsys.

Gr 2-8.

K-1 with teacher aid

or for teacher to make.

Circle ornaments

Now more choices

Quick and easy, colorful ornaments. Simple cutting. Make one or a bunch! Endless coloring possibilities. Double-sided!

pretty much any age or grade

Preschoolers can learn to cut with this craft

The angel visited Mary in ADVENT, so it is a great Advent craft!

Wonderfully different paper angel with a breezy, loopy gown is a 3-d ornament.

No real coloring needed - just give the angel a face. Information to talk about the angel's message to Mary AND angel names.

Simple pieces to cut but takes a little time to cut the pieces.

Add glitter or not!

Grade 1-8


Advent and Christmas message

Easy as 1, 2, 3 these fun, colorful and cute icicle ornaments can be cranked out in bunches or make one to fill out a tiny bit of time. Gr 1-8
Angels in the Christmas stroy Nice different view for this angel ornament. This double-sided paper angel has a wood pattern. Talking points and references about angels in the Christmas story provided. Easy cutting instructions. Gr 1-8
Advent and Christmas messages, signs, and plaques

Behold our multipurpose paper alphabet blocks. So easy to use. Colored and uncolored paper blocks to cut and make into beautiful greetings.

Your choice of our frames or use on something else. Very trendy. Spacing guides on our frames.

Gr 2-6

Advent - Christmas

A gift of love

Create this ornament for remembrance. This is one of those crafts that mom may keep til the child is a parent.

Each year a slightly different ornament.

Best with a photo, but fine with self-portraits drawn.

P3 with help thru 4th graders

Advent- Christmas

Super simple

Tweens and junior high kids are wearing narrow bracelets of all sorts!

These bracelets express the meaning of Christmas.

Little cutting, minimal coloring. Perfect fit instructions. Some partially colored.

Trade them with your BFF

Especially for Grade 2-8

but grade 1 with careful coloring skills OK.

Advent Christmas craft for the kids themselves.

Guys and girls are into wrist bands of all sorts.

These paper bracelets share the words and symbols of Christmas.

They have the same message and symbols as fastest, easiest bracelets, but the plain paper fold-over construction makes them sturdy, but still so easy to make.

Easy construction but small space coloring with fine line markers.

Grade 2-8

but grade 1 with careful coloring skills OK.

Christmas Activities

Potluck dinner Activity Book

Especially for Christmas Pot Luck Suppers, Christmas Dinners and similar events, this free activity book starts with a dinner plate and is otherwise like the other book. Eight pages. Print all or any parts of the book.

See the end of this list for similar activity book, without dinner references.

P3 - Gr 6
See-through white Chrismon star or colored Christmas star Easy and easier see through star ornaments. They look a lot harder than they are to make. Cut plain paper, glue and string it up for a star to be proud of. Double or triple star choices. No coloring. Pretty fast craft. Gr 2 to 8
Kids Christmas activity: Individual or
Group Activity or
Teacher room decoration

Delightful nativity photos to help your class learn or review the Christmas story. Each page has a Bible reference and plenty of lined space for writing the story in your own words.

Take a look! Word and web versions

Grade 2 through 6th grade do-it-yourself, or use as room decoration for P3 - Gr 1
4 separate choices for an Angel with a sign of peace, hope, love or a blank sign.

So easy to cut, easy to color. Perfect to stand on a desk, table or counter-top. Can go with the story of Mary and the angel, or the angels telling the good news of the birth of Jesus.

Make just one angel or all 4

Christmas ornament themes of Peace, Joy and Love Easy as pie! Large and Small paper or foam plate ornaments. Glitter or no glitter! P-K-1 ver
Gr 2-6 ver
Christmas A great Christmas tree to color the decorations and add ornaments - either color them on or use stickers! See the 3 idea Options to decorate this tree. Great spaces for ornaments and garlands.
More Christmas trees below.

The birth of Jesus - - The Nativity Easy 6 piece craft: children's nativity to make. Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus in the manger, the donkey Mary rode on to Bethlehem, and a sheep. 3 choices: already colored and version to color, plus another special version. 2-6
(1 if good cutters)

The people, events and things at Christmas

Our version of the song, brings many of characters and highlights of Christmas to the kids. Goes along with the old tune, but connects with things we associate with Christmas.

Includes helpful ideas for for a fun sing.

12th Night and Standup Nativity add-on Complete your manger scene with these Standup shepherds, angels and wise men. Info about the gifts of the Maggi and about the 3 wise men. Large and small sets, mostly colored and sets to color. 2-6

Advent craft Easy 3-D Standup characters to re-enact the startling announcement by Gabriel to Mary about the baby Jesus K-4
Teacher of younger kids can make to use in class along with the story.

Advent, Christmas or after Christmas coloring page a winter reminder too.

Snowman page to color with talking points on the page and more in the instructions. Relates this season of the snowman to before or after Christmas - includes photo of this real snowman! P2-Gr 2
Star of Bethlehem Christmas ornament craft 3 sided star ornament to make. Simple instructions. Only need cutting and matching skills, but end star depends on decoration and coloring. Find the stars within the big star, behind the star and in front of the star. Gr2 -6
Advent and Christmas activity book

Christmas Activity Book to learn, write and draw about the symbols we see at Christmas.

Good activity to spread over all the weeks of Advent when you have regular and "sometimes comes" kids.

First page personalized. Full teacher guide.

Gr 2-6
3D Christmas Ornament Easy and great when done! Starts with a propeller base and bends into a delightful ornament when done. Grade 2-6
3D Christmas Ornament

Larger and more steps than the propeller core ornament.

It's a hoot to build as midway through you can "Fly" the propeller.

3 designs: Colored, to color, or one to completely design.


Grade 3-8
Snowman Christmas craft or winter craft with scarf or tie Christian message

Delightful Christmas table decoration that the whole family can enjoy.

Requires Pom juice bottles and to prepare ahead.

Good craft for after Christmas too!

grade 3-8
Christmas coloring page 4 different present coloring pages. The tags and background differ. You can customize to tag or use one that is already complete. The greatest Christmas present ever! 1-6
Christmas Dove, Peace on earth Christmas craft: This beautiful double wing dove ornament is pretty quick and very easy to cut and paste. Almost no coloring.
Looks terrific.

All about Christmas

- a continually growing selection of Christian Christmas coloring pages.

All our Christmas coloring pages are our own design, and have clean, sharp images for coloring. Pages shown with suggested grades from Preschool through 8th grade.

Coloring pages shown as Preschool-k have heavier outlines.

Each of our pages always adds a little something that ties in with Christian education. It may be a question, something to think about or a related Bible passage.


Preschool thru

8th grade

Symbols and icons activity and coloring pages

Learn the mystery of the hidden meaning of the picture.

Tell and show about many other symbols and icons today and yesterday in our everyday lives and in the church.

These Peace on earth coloring pages and activity can be used at Christmas or anytime you are studying church symbols

Gr 2-6

Christmas Dove

Coloring page

Unique reverse Christmas dove coloring page with information to learn about about this particular dove P3 -gr 2

God's wreath, God's creation - berries

Coloring or doodle page

Wreath coloring and/or doodle page. Not just a plain red wreath. Learn about God's berries! Even if you want to have a "Red" wreath, think about all the different red berry colors you can use! Berry identification pages included with special coloring instructions. k-6

Star of Bethlehem or Chrismons star

3D Christmas craft: A standout Christmas ornament. No coloring required. Star is much easier to make than it looks. It gets a variety of special "looks" from the paper you print it out on. Use white paper for a Chrismon star. Print on colored paper or one-sided printed pattern paper for a dual color look. This is a unique star ornament. Takes a little dexterity and good glue.

Use color-covered recycled worship bulletins if you will trace the pattern.


Both Christmas message stars take you to the same page. What you do with the stars makes the difference. Easily make two double-sided star ornaments with the traditional messages of Christmas: Peace, Joy, Love and Hope. Several Christmas star patterns sets to choose from. Sets to color or partially colored. k-3

Slightly more complex craft a tad more interesting version (Folding and gluing) of the message star of Bethlehem suitable for older kids. Make one 4-sided message star ornament signifying the messages of Christmas. (see above also) 2-6

Christmas Ornament - Nativity star; double Chrismon Star craft Make a Christmas star for the tree that's a "Wow!" This is not your ordinary kid's Christmas ornament. It's no ordinary star! It reflects the special nature of the Christmas star - a special star among all others. Pretty easy! 2-7

Little kids guide book of Christmas symbols and signs Christmas activity lesson: Kid's Christmas discussion book that draws in the children's attention with pictures, questions, stories within explanations, and information all woven together to encourage the children to think about the things they see at Christmas and identify them with Christian meaning. 2 versions!

P3 & P4

K and Gr1

Christmas symbols
(2 grade versions)
Christmas activity: Recognizing the Christian symbols of Christmas -
Flat Christmas Symbol Circle Ornaments are easy to cut.
Use as Christmas coloring page to color and learn!
P-K -1
Gr 2-6

Christmas symbols Review worksheet - Christmas Activity sheet. Gr 2-6

Christmas Angel Delightful Circle Angel craft: standing tabletop Christmas Angel or treetop Angel. Really quick and easy paper Christmas craft. Can be made into a hanging Christmas ornament in one step. K-1,2,3 (P*)(4)

Christmas Symbol Ornament

Unique ornament shape!

Partially colored version of the symbol ornament for the shortest completion time or ornament to color for longer craft time.

Craft for Older children who can completely design their own unique cube ornament.

Gr 1-5 (6)

About Christmas decorations and symbols Learn the legend how it relates to Christmas and how it came to America. Learn Christmas tidbits about this flowerless flower. All

Christmas decorations and symbols activity and craft Learn about shapes - the circle
Learn about colors
Learn to cut
Learn about this flower and Christmas
Designed for beginning cutting skills.
Toddler and Preschool

Meaningful Christmas Ornament Bright Poinsettia craft: pieces are irregular and life-like and easy to cut. Several options for paper and printing. Grade 1-6

Advent, Christmastime and other church seasons Activity: Colorful circle of the seasons. Students learn the Seasons of the church. Sometimes called -Liturgical Seasons Wheel. 2-8

Circle for God Christmas craft: Preschool super easy wreath to color and cut. Separate bow. Also pre-colored wreath. Designed for early cutting skills. Preschool through K

Nativity, Christmas Story, Manger Christmas craft: Easy stand-up nativity Craft. Manger with baby lambs sleeping under the manger. Includes baby Jesus. K-3

Advent Countdown

Advent Calendar


Simplified 4 Sunday Advent Countdown calendar- Fits the days you share with your class! Dated, with Bible passage and colorful art. Perfect for the Sunday School classroom. Exciting! All

Great Advent Activity worksheet

(later can be cut to use as colorful ornaments)

Worksheet of colorful symbols of Jesus ministry, message and purpose, birth, life, death and resurrection. Great to prepare your mind for the coming of He who came for for us.

When the information has been completed, this can be cut apart as ornaments on the Christmas cross or one of our Christmas trees.

This Jesus focused activity includes teacher answer sheet.


Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Coloring pages and photo realistic colored trees for crafts.

Decorated and undecorated trees.

Choose your favorite tree. Each on an individual page. Multipurpose children's Christmas trees for coloring. Full color Christmas trees perfect for stickers! Trees perfect for cutting out ornaments to glue on. Use our Jesus Symbols and Signs for older kids or Christmas Symbol Circle Ornaments for younger children

Multi-Christmas craft base.


The Spirit of Advent and Christmas

Trinity and Jesus Symbols

Patterns, instructions, and meaning of these Jesus Symbols - Christian Christmas ornaments, mostly used as tree decorations, but can be multi-purposed as well. 22 Chrismons - something for every age!

Print and decorate your Chrismons

Age 3 to adult

Christian symbols
and their meaning
2 new versions. Large set with wider gray cutting outlines, some with more simplified shapes. And a 27 piece set of smaller Chrismons. Special Instructions Preschool 3 and 4's and Kindergarten
Grade 1-6

The wonderful feeling of Christmas

Show the joy with this wonderful, long banner.

Use leftover gift wrap, recycle used gift wrap, Sunday newspaper comics or cloth to make this simple and elegant banner.

No need to color the letters if your wrapping paper or cloth is colorful.

Pattern can be shrunk for smaller banners.

Star of Bethlehem Our kids 5-pointed Star of Bethlehem ornament is our old favorite with a new twist. This year, this star has popped up as a decorative home item for the winter season in many metal finishes, so it has become trendy! Easy with care. No tools - hand pounded Christmas craft.

Great hands-on activity, especially for boys!

Grade 2-8

Penguin or Nativity Outdoor family snow activity - snow painting! Any age with adult help

Advent and Christmas Craft

Trinity and Jesus Symbols

Adaptation for use of Chrismons. Idea for Christian wreath decorations.  

Christmas Symbols Tree Easy color and cut paper conical Christmas Tree craft.
- Undecorated to color or pre-decorated to glitter on the gold!
P3-1 (2)

Christmas activity and craft base Unusual alternative to a Christmas wreath or tree. Can be used with symbols and ornaments above - or your own stickers! Make the connection to all the Christ child will mean to us - including the promise of the resurrection. *

You'll be surprised what circles can become! Kids activities for Christmas Socials, Christmas Concert child care, Birthday party for Jesus or other holiday gatherings. Free Christmas activities that are quiet, fun, and not messy. 7 pages. Graduated levels of activities.

See similar Christmas activity above for pot luck dinners and similar events.

P3 - Gr 6

The basic circle is a symbol for God.

It's useful and adaptable to many uses at Christmas.

Versatile simple 3 piece wreath base for many applications or holidays.

9.5 inches wide, but can be reduced on any copier.

Lots of ideas to spark your imagination.


Advent study Bible text What did the angel Gabriel tell Mary? Search the Bible story that begins the Christmas season. Grade 1-8 and adult

Using and Applying glitter

using glitter

Teacher information

Most any Christmas project can do with a little sparkle.

How to use glitter and

how to apply glitter

Solutions and tips for avoiding the mess and making glittering easy.


preschool through adults

Tips for using scissors and easy methods for cutting!