Trinity Crafts

God and the Trinity Bible Sunday School activities

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Understanding the Trinity 3-sided pyramid: Easy for most grade levels, yet very interesting when done. Discussion on several grade levels. Teacher trinity information. 4 versions to choose from including blank pyramid. k-8

Both prayer and Lent are tied to the pretzel!

Have some folding fun. Super easy learning aid. (just follow the instructions) The pretzel serves as a reminder for prayer in any church season.


Gr 3-8

Love, God's Love (and the trinity) Similar to Celtic Knots, these hearts can be used as lesson support for the Trinity and God's love. For the love of people, they can be used as unusual valentines. Bible references and "knot" background information. Gr 3-8
Trinity, God's Love

Help children learn about the trinity: Easy shamrock to construct from 3 heart leaflets.- Good learning tool for 3-in-One God.

Large or small shamrocks

P3-gr 4

Defining "Triune and Trinity" for kids:

What does triune mean?
What does trinity mean?

"The Trinity" usually means The Father, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit combined as God.Often it is called the Holy Trinity.

"Triune" is from latin combination three as one - or trinity. Triune is pronounced as try-yoon.

"Triune and Trinity" are pretty much special church words hardly ever used for other purposes
. (A New Orleans "Trinity" however is 3 cooking ingredients: green peppers, onions and celery.)

* For many years, in some denominations, the "Spirit" was called "The Holy Ghost" and Jesus was referred to namelessly as "The son". So even today there are special ways to define the trinity and we respect your preference.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Father, Jesus and Spirit

We urge you to help older children understand that at the heart, these all (Except the cooking thing) mean the same 3 parts.