Easter Crafts For Sunday School

Kid's Sunday School crafts for Resurrection Sunday - Easter Sunday

In addition to these Easter crafts and activities, also see our LENT menu for Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, and Good Friday Crafts.

. topic activity type. sunday school grades

NT - Easter cross, resurrection cross A personal cross.
Easy. 3 designs.
Free-standing small 3D cross for children to take home and use in their room.

Great as your Easter Sunday table decoration too!

Gr(1) 2-7

NT - Easter Activity More than an Easter coloring page, but easy. Cut out eggs - either pre-colored or ready-to-color and use on the Easter Egg Tree. Includes discussion points.

2 Versions:
Easter preschool craft
Easter craft for kids gr 1-2

P3-K ver and Gr1-2 ver

NT- Easter Craft for kids - flat back basket. Specially designed and really unusual, but incredibly easy one-piece Easter basket. Comes with 3 flat christian themed eggs or 3 heart eggs. No magnet required in class.

Will stand-up by itself or at home put a magnet inside to stick on the fridge.

Requires cutting skill
Easter craft that includes the whole family!

Quite easy. The picture shows regular size family eggs on the hanger - one for each peson in your family. We also provide larger eggs for younger grades or other needs or preferences.

A little fun trivia- What is a "good egg"?
What is a stabile?


Easter Basket and Pop-in Chick

New Life craft

The basket is a recepticle to accept new life- the baby chick

One piece, simple cutting and a little glue and you have a delightful Easter basket.

The cute little pop-in chick is optional - or do it another Sunday all by itself.


P4-K with a little scissors help

Grades 4 and 5 try the do-it-yourelf version.

Easy Easter Eggs

Toddler and Preschool Eggs to help learn to color or cut.

The simplest designs and pointers for teachers. Includes a simple Easter message.


T2, P3, P4
Easter Egg and Chick - Easter Craft and activity Easter Craft that starts by making what looks like an airplane propeller! Then hide the chick and you have a great Easter symbol for new life.
Includes cues for discussion.
Grades 1-6

(Grade 1 - if careful cutters)

NT Easter activity- the cross Fun and amazing Easter cross activity project. Wow easy, and what a suprise when you're done!

Get your "Ticket to Heaven!"

1-8 (k)

NT Easter craft
Easter Lily: Make a symbol of the resurrection.
Beautiful, easy to make Easter Lily (Easter Lilly)- beautiful all paper activity. Whether you call this Sunday Easter or Resurrection Sunday, both celebrate that "He is Risen." He is risen indeed! K, 1-6

Resurrection - New Life in Christ Super fun and easy paper egg that can be a card, fridge deco, or for the Easter Table.
Give to someone to
"crack" open to find your Easter surprise message.
5 great designs to choose from. Color the egg shell as you please or choose the pre-designed shell.
Gr 1-5
Possible K

NT Easter Egg activity for Older kids.

Make use of older childrens' desire to doodle while they listen. Find symbols on the egg and discuss the egg itself.

Instant activity.

Gr 4-8

Kids Easter Craft that is a Useful Easter Gift

It couldn't be an easier kid's craft with such great results and makes a really terrific gift.

It is just 2 easy pieces. Easy cutting. Careful folding.

Bold Easter greeting, eggs and tulips to color.

K-5th gr
Kids Easter Craft

Delightfully different way to decorate an egg. Use any egg - plastic, real blown egg or boiled egg. With care, this egg can last for years!

Easy and colorful.

Use as Easter coloring page or information doodle page or activity worksheet.

Color and learn about the butterfly which is a church symbol for New Life we get through Jesus. Explanation for discussion.

Use as part of kid's resurrection lessons

K and grades 1-5
New life

Easter coloring page with message. Great early coloring sheet.

The New life of the chick reminds us of new life in Christ.

Fuzzy lines allow for beginning colorers.

P2, P3, P4, K

Good filler for grade 1, 2,3 *

Easter messages to wear and share

8 wonderful and wild paper Easter bracelets. They are hot! Fast craft pre-colored set. Or get the set to color and/or decorate.

Choosing is part of the fun!


grade (1)

4 thru 7

boys and girls

Easter Symbols or message to wear

Boys can decorate in guy colors!

Same design, but TRIPLE STRENGTH bracelet to color and glue.

7 designs. Easy cutting, easy to glue, easy to make.

Gr 1 thru adult!

target grades 2-7

Easter Learning Activity

Discover the Easter colors! Create your own classes' Easter colors. Look at what the colors mean to others. Associate the colors with the Easter story.

Retell the story using only colors as a kind of "code"

Also goes with Easter Colors bracelets below.

Grades (2) 3-8
Symbols and colors of Easter

Trendy and simple, but meaningful craft combining Easter symbols and traditional Easter Colors. Butterfly bracelet and Easter egg bracelet set.

For the greatest experience, use with The Colors of Easter above.

Grade 2-8
Kid's craft for Easter- resurrection or God's miracles Delightful, cute butterfly to make from pipe cleaners and cloth or wrapping paper. Gr 1-6
Joy of Easter

Word cross, crossword.

Start with jumbled paper letter blocks.

Let them discover the words the blocks make on the cross. It is not difficult, but it will make them think.

Discuss how these 2 words apply to easter

Grade 1-6
Excellent multipurpose learning project

From the caterpillar to the butterfly, Resurrection and miracles

Taking time to look!
Looking skills
Learning skills
Cutting skills

Discussion points provided so you can talk about the caterpillar as part of understanding miracles or understanding the resurrection
P3, P4, K and different version Gr 1,2,3

Easy Iddy Biddy Easter Basket craft

Make a Stand-up Easter basket using the simplest weaving for just 2 rows.

Children can take home this Easter basket to give it to grandma or someone else special, or use as an Easter table decoration, or keep it for themselves.

*Grade K if teacher helps
Grades 1-4 do-it-themselves

Easter Eggs to color Looking for Easter Eggs to color or to color and cutout? Just choose the egg coloring pages from our Easter Egg Tree Activity. P4, K, 1, 2, 3

Easter Eggs to doodle Complex European style Easter Eggs to challenge doodler' s skills. Glorious Faberge style eggs, along with Ukranian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian influenced designs and traditional American style designs. Teen to adult

Easter Eggs to color for older kids Unusual designs for these Easter eggs, plus a special system for using markers and discovering symbols. When complete, can be used as a Bible bookmark. Junior high
Middle School

Holy Week events from Palm Sunday to Easter activity page

Activity or review sequencing game with 2 alternate play modes for different grade levels or preferences.

Great Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday activity!

Gr 2-6

Christian Easter coloring page

Delightful fuzzy bunny coloring page. Large egg has symbols of Love and Jesus.

For 2 and 3 year olds, get the colored egg version and color only the bunny!

T2-Gr 2

Easter Activity - maze Need to stretch your activity time a little? This is a good, short-time activity. K-2
Easter Cross Comes undecorated. Use our Chritian symbols or create your own decorations for this unique paper cross. It was originally made from real evergreen branches! Any grade!
Easter Coloring pages - a growing variety Color eggs, tulips, banners and other Easter pictures including a big blank Easter egg to let your imagination soar. We are adding coloring pages every week, so take a peek and see what's new.

Grades k-6


Activity to solve the mystery: How did Jesus prepare for Easter?

What a great learning activity!

Clue Cards, Teacher Discussion Guide and more

Grades 3 - 8

Meaning of Holy Week

Holy Week then and now! What is Holy Week? What does Holy Week Mean? Did Jesus celebrate Holy Week? Why is Good Friday good? Get the answers here. What is the happy ending of Holy Week?

grade 1-8

and teachers

Jesus king of kings - the glory of Easter Large symbol crown to use as coloring page or bulletin board decoration. Symbols explained. option for older kids to cut it out. Glitter is a great option too. Any