Who are we?
A church home for strengthening, renewing and living our faith; continuously exploring ways we can reflect Christian values through the work of our tiny congregation.

We are not bound by any building and believe "where three or more are gathered, them am I also". This has enabled us to be a "Church in a bag", carrying our ministry to homes, hospitals, retirement facilities, outdoors, or wherever the spirit calls us.

The church works as a body in making decisions and in fulfilling all of the work of the church.

Founded in 1998, we formed from a wounded flock to help each other re-establish or heal our faith. We went back to the concept of the "early church" meeting in homes and developing what we thought a church should be.

We recognize that the church works together to help others.

We freely make a personal committment to financially support the work of the church to the extent we are able.

We freely make a personal committment to share our talents in the work of the church and participate in preparing worship services.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, given to us to interpret for ourselves. We continuously look at other points of view to compare and contrast information to create our personal beliefs. We believe in the triune God - Father, Son, and Spirit.

Faith Congregational Church
email: Jo Dibbern

Church for grown-ups

Step into a church family of adults and teens. We love small children - some of us have adored grandchildren who visit with us from time to time, but we have no regular children's Sunday School. If we know children are joing us, we do prepare children's Sunday School lessons and activities.

Our main children's outreach is through our web site. Visit our Children's activities and crafts that you can add to your own children's ministry or use in home-schooling, or as quality free time with your children.

Teens and college students participate in worship and all other aspects of the church.

When and where is worship?
Worship is 9am most every Sunday in Mt. Prospect except usually the 3rd Sunday of the month when worship is held at a local retirement facility. From time to time special situations arise and the church hits the road to serve or to learn.

Traditional or Trendy?

You will find a unique blend of traditional and unusual concepts of worship- but not trendy. Very few Sundays are similar in the approach to our worship service.

About Faith
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Ministers and Ministry
Faith Roadmap
Outward Missions
Road Trips
Bible Study
Introduction to Faith

The Music of Faith

Enjoy a wonderful span of music throughout time. We don't have a choir or pianist, but we do have great music. No praise chorses, but a wide variety of music of faith.

Weekly Bible Discussion

Learn, explore, listen or talk about understanding and applying the messages from the Bible. Watch for our announcement about this season's Bible study.

Ministry Outreach

The "Church in a bag" packs up once a month to bring a Sunday morning worship service to a group who does not find it easy to get out to worship. Starting in 2001, we have worshipped together monthly at an assisted living residence with senior men and women along with their visiting family members. We have made many friends.

Communion, ministry, prayer and great old hymns -with a few new tunes mixed in- make for a meaningful hour of worship. Arleen and Barb see to it that a sweet treat and a little something special are given to those attending worship, or have atteneded but health issues prevent it at the moment.

We cross faith lines and all are welcome regardless of denomination.

Faith Congregational Church


Come and share a personal, meaningful, worship service.

We are a home church in the northwest Chicago area.