Sturdy, fun and timely paper bracelets. Wear the message of Christmas and write a private thought inside the bracelet!
Sturdy Skinny Christmas Message Bracelets


Simple cutting - and good for not-so-careful cutters.

Easy instructions - pretty much color, cut a rectangle, fold and glue.

Include a personal, secret message inside of the bracelet.

These end up looking like the popular friendship bracelets.

Yes these are the same designs as our other Christmas bracelets, but these are made using regular paper and they will be sturdy. The construction is different, but still VERY EASY.

Luke 2: 1-20, and Matthew chapters 1 and 2

Grade 1 through adult
Christmas Craft

Copies of the activity page ( 3 are on a page) on plain paper

Fine line markers or colored pencils
Glue - preferably white glue but glue stick will do
option: a person to help you mark the size of your bracelet.

*Thin paper is OK


Teachers cut and separate the 3 bracelets on each page. The red line divides them. Each includes general instructions.

Teach a new technique: Coloring in small spaces can be easily achieved by gently stippling or dotting the color in the space rather than continuous line scribbling to fill-in color. This works best if the tips of your markers are squished and not so pointed any more.

This method makes a sturdy bracelet.

King of kings
Peace on earth
Peace hope


ID color cut thanks

Identify the MARKING END and the FINISH END of the bracelets.

The photos are from our Thanksgiving bracelet collection, but are built on the same construction method.

1. Color the middle part of the bracelet. 2. Write one thing about Christmas in the blank space above the words. This will be hidden in the finished bracelet.
cut all the way folds
3. Cut the rectangle on the heavy line EXCEPT cut the marking end all the way off the paper. This will give you an extra half inch in length. 4. 5. Fold on the dashed lines
glue folded flat grasp
6. Press the side with the instructions down flat. Glue the entire length of the space. 7. Fold the blank side that now has your message over the glued side. Turn it over. Press each fold a few times so the bracelet bends more easily. 8a. Begin fitting by grasping the MARKING END between your thumb and index finger as shown.
mark dab tape

8b. Roll the finish end around your hand AND THUMB and the marking end.

HAVE SOMEONE MARK WHERE THE FINSH END ENDS. Don't pull too tight or you won't get the bracelet on!

If you are alone, count the squares that the overlap end covers from the "8 fit & mark" square and remember how many that is. Mark it yourself when you put the bracelet down. Hold it together at your mark and test its fit.

9. Put the bracelet down. Put a dab of glue on the BACK of the finish end and overlap the marking end until you are at your mark. Stop, press.(You are making a circle.)

(You ought to gently test the size before the glue sets)

10.On the inside, put a piece of tape over the end to hold it while the glue dries.

Do especially if you used a glue stick.

two braceletsDone!

Click the button below the bracelet you want

Your choices include Microsoft Word Documents (MS Word) and PDFs

1001 Jesus is the Light of the WorldLight

pdf1001 PDF

word 1001 Word document


1002 The King of Kings

King of kings

pdf1002 PDF

word 1002 Word document


1003 Christmas - It's About Jesus

pdf001 PDF

word 001 Word document


1004 Symbols - It's about Jesus

pdf001 PDF

word 001 Word document


1005 Peace on Earth
Peace on earth

pdf001 PDF

word 001 Word document


1009 Peace Hope Joy Love
Peace Hope

pdf001 PDF

word 001 Word document