Everybody's wearing them!

Fastest, Easiest Christmas Bracelets for Kids



QUICK AND EASY - Super simple.

These are so easy to make. You can have them on hand for filling out a little time on any Sunday in Advent.

Or make bunches of them to trade as friendship bracelets or trading bracelets.

These DO REQUIRE to be printed on heavier card stock or they won't last very long. If you only have regular paper, see the other version in our Christmas menu for Fast and Sturdy bracelets.

4th grade through 8th grade, but grades k-3 may want them too.
These bracelets express the meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.


Copies printed on light CARDBOARD (Requires 110lb index card, light cover stock, or similar printable stock) (Each page has 8 bracelets)

Glue (glue stick is good. White glue is ok)
Fine-lne markers
check Tape

If you don't have card stock, go to our "Sturdy" Christmas bracelet that uses ordinary paper. They are the same design, but a different constructin method.





You can get the black and white version or in most instances, a version with the background already colored.

1. Print the word documents you want.

2.Roughly cut apart the 8 bracelets on each page on the "separate bracelets" line.


3. Distribute.


Colored version has minimal coloring for older kids.



1. Color.

2. Cut on the solid outline

3. Fit over your hand holding the "Fit" end between your thumb and index finger at the knuckle as shown.

4. Roll the loose end under and around your hand OVER your thumb, until you are over the dotted line area at the glue end.

5. Count the dotted squares that you can still see.
(You can see 4 dotted squared in the photo above)

6. Mark where the decorated end overlaps the dotted squares end. (Or ask someone else in the class to mark it while you are holding it snugly, but not tight.

OPTION: Put your name on the inside of the bracelet.

7. Glue from your mark to the end where it says "Glue"

8. Put it together. (Tape to hold until the glue dries)

9. Done

Click the button below the bracelet image you want.

Christmas bracelets --- These are Microsoft Word Documents.

8 of one kind on a page.

1001 Black & White 1001 Colored background- pale yellow
1002 Black & White 1002 Colored background - aqua
1003 Black & White 1003 Colored background - green
1004 Black & White 1004 Colored background - red
1005 Black & White 1005 colored background - green
1006 Black & White 1006 Colored background - lt blue
1007 Black & white No Colored version
1008 Black & White 1008 Colored background - yellow
1009 Black & White No Colored version


Complete set of COLORED BACKGROUND BRACELETS on one page
Mixed colors medley