Sunday School Kid's See-through stars

Mini-Max Star Ornament
Double or Triple see-through star

Triple Star

It's much easier than it looks!

Two craft choices: Younger and older kids versions. No coloring.

See through Christmas star with mini-midi and maxi size stars in older kids version, and mini and maxi stars for younger kids.

Teachers guide the children to cut the stars carefully, and line up the pieces according to the directions.

PLUS you get a FREE BONUS STAR from the leftovers if you cut carefully.

You can always take a side trip through our cutting skills page before you start.

If you make it an all white star, it may be used as a Chrismon star for the Star of Jesus birth.

Aside: talk about the name of this star. What does mini mean? Tiny or small. What does maxi mean? Giant or large. In the triple star, you have a midi star. Guess what that means.

Matthew 2:2

Double star grades 2-6

Triple star grade 4-8 -requires more careful cutting

Kids Sunday School Christmas Craft

Colored paper if possible, but white will do

Copies of at least one star set for each student*
Glue - tacky glue preferred. White glue second choice
12 inches of string or yarn per student
Table covering advised

*This doesn't take too long to do. If you have enough time, give each child 2 star sets of different colors.


Above example uses the leftovers of a Triple Star made out of green paper glued on white paper.

A double star only has one leftover star piece.

printing statement

double star

triple star

Double Star Set
         Use black and white or color printer.


Triple Star Set
         Use black and white or color printer.