When you have a Christmas event that includes children, but need children's Christmas activities to occupy down-time, this book and some markers or crayons will do the trick. Designed to fill your need for something quiet to do with kids that isn't messy.

Magic Circle Children's Christmas Activity Book




Seven pages of activities about Christmas, to print in black and white. A different application of a circle or circles on each page - and they all relate to Christmas. Staple a set together for each child. Let this free kids activity book be our gift to you.

The book gradually includes things to do for older kids - who can do the simple stuff too. Younger children can keep busy with much of the book.The book is best used if someone reads the directions on each page to younger children.

Preschool (3) 4's through 6th grade.

Copies of all of the activity pages for each student

Markers or crayons or colored pencils
Read the directions on each page.

When you open this document you might want to view all the pages first and then print pages
that would be most age appropriate for your group.

Complete Magic Circle Kids Christmas Activity Book
         Use black and white or color printer.